Air cargo service competitiveness of asian major airports

Air cargo service competitiveness of asian major airports
Yonghwa Park; Hun-Koo Ha; Oh Kyoung Kwon
logistics, Air cargo
Issue Date
인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원
Series/Report no.
Journal of international logistics and tradevol.4 no.117-30 pp.
This paper evaluate and assesses the competitiveness of airports by analyzing
the efficiency of those in Northeast Asia. This reseach implmented Data
Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to compare the competitiveness of airport
efficiency and Decision Marking unit (DMU), which was selected by the top
ranking freight operations among the airports in this region. Due to the lack of
previous research with regard to the competitiveness of hub concentrated
airports in air cargo volume, the variable have been screened for selection
through referential documents and records related to air freight. Finally,
aviation freight experts assisted in the final selection of the relevant variables for
this research. the result of the analysis show that the larger airports in
Northeast Asia are positively correlated wiht higher efficiency. In contrast,
inefficiency airports have suffered from over capacity or insufficient input.
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