China's rise and its impact on the east asian economy

China's rise and its impact on the east asian economy
Jung-Taik Hyun; Jun Yeop Lee
logistics, china, economy
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인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원
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Journal of international logistics and tradevol.3 no.215-34 pp.
This paper examined the future prospects of China's economics develomented and its
impact on the East Asian Economy and the economic integration of the region. the
key issue to China's economic growth is the contradiction between the socialist
political system and a market-based economy. the overall assessment is that China
will be able to manage the transformation of the nation into a steadily growing
market economy.
We also found that China is the key country forming a triangular trading block
which has implemented the international division of labor in the North-East Asian
region. China's rapid export growth and increased market share in the world
economy is not a threat but a new opportunity for the East Asian countries. The
rise of China will certainly be accompanied by an expansion of a consumer
market, which will also breaden business opportunities for East Asian.
Despite the interdependence between East Asian countries, a regional trading bloc
embracing East Asia has not been created yet. The future prospects for realizing
the vision of a regional free trade agreement in East Asia in the foreseeable future
is not bright, either.
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