China's extra- and intra-Asia liner shipping connections, 1990-2000

China's extra- and intra-Asia liner shipping connections, 1990-2000
Peter J.Rimmer; Claude Comtois
logistics, China
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인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원
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Journal of international logistics and tradevol.3 no.175-98 p
The growth of China's economy during the 1990s has both shaped
and reflected changes in the span and function of the country's shipping
connections both within Asia and with the rest of the world. Although sea-lan
developments within China have been studied, less attention has been paid to the
wider global implications stemming from the transformation of the country's
maritime geography during a decade of futher market reforms and greater
integration into the world economy. Consequently, there is a need to comprehend
how China's state-owned shipping industry has been reorganized during the 1990s
to meet the new requirements, with special refernece to the country's liner shipping
connections between and within Asia respectively. More purposely these topics are
addressed by examining changes in the organization, approach and set of
connections of the state-owned China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (Cosco)
and its post-1993 offshoot COSCO Container Lines Company Ltd (Concon). This
review provides a springboard for a detailed analysis of shifts in both extra- and
intra-Asian shipping patterns between 1990 and 2000 and consideration of their
strategic implications. Finally, short-sea shipping is defined and the phenomenon's
operational strengths and weaknesses discussed.
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