Exploring the Possibility for a United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement

Exploring the Possibility for a United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement
Inkyo Cheong
logistics, FTA, US, Korea
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인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원
Series/Report no.
Journal of international logistics and tradevol.3 no.127-48 pp.
Since the financial crisis, East Asian countries have worked on bilateral/regional
Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Currently, East Asian countries are working on
over 30 FTAs. So far, the United States(U.S) has exerted its considerable political
and economic power in East Asia, but its political and diplomatic position is
increasingly shaky for many reasons-emergence of China's economic and military
strength, growing regionalism in East Asia, weakening influence of the Asia Pacific
Economic Conference (APEC) forum, and growing anti-American sentiment after
the anti-terrorism war. The U.S will be even more concerned about the
development of FTAs in East Asia, since the country will suffer economic and non
economic losses when the East Asian regionalism is developed. This article
evaluates a U.S.-Korea FTA in terms of U.S. involvement in East Asian
regionalism, and tries to provide an economic assessment of the FTA. This article
points out that the U.S. should take advantage of the U.S.-Korea FTA to secure its
interests in East Asia and to avoid exclusion from East Asian regional economic
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