Marketing Incheon: gateway for Seoul, Northeast Asia and the world

Marketing Incheon: gateway for Seoul, Northeast Asia and the world
Peter J. Rimmer
logistics, incheon, marketing
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인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원
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Journal of international logistics and tradevol.2 no.299-121 pp.
New economic geography theorists, who have revived the importance of local roots
and highlighted the significance of cities as a source of international
competitiveness, have spurred the global marketing of Incheon. An examination of
the new economic geography litertature examines the nature of the new localism
based on clusters, involving spatial proximity and concectrated face-to-face
transaction, agglomeration economies and local knowledge networks. The
territorial expression of these ideas is evident in competitive cities and knowledge
cities. Both types of cities are embodied in civic attempts to market Incheon as an
international city throgh the development of the international harbor and
international airport and a knowledge city at Songdo. As there is no reference to
Incheon in the place marketing literature there is a need to market is as Seoul-
Incheon and itemize the Capital Region's key assets and strategic advantages,
including logisitics and Pentaport - five ports in one - to build a presentation
that attracts foreign direct investment and foreign expertise and provokes an
energizing debate on the Korean Government's plan to position the country as the
hub for international commerce in Northeast Asia. Critics of this place marketing
approach designed to make Incheon a prosperously middle-class city suggest more
evidence is needed before it can be assumed firms locate in cities as a base for
export activities to boost their competitiveness. Perhaps there is need to give up the
preoccupation with the local focus in cluster analysis and give equal attention to
global connections.
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