Journal of international logistics and trade71

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06Farmers and private traders response to rice markets liberalization in BangladeshMohammad Ismail Hossain; Wim Verbeke
2008-06Analysis of the role of maritime freight transport industry in the Korean national economyChoi, Young Yoon; Ha, Hun-Koo; Park, Minyoung
2008-06The effect of logistics service quality on customer satisfaction and repurchase intention: focusing on company size as a moderatorLee, Yong-Ock; Kim, Minsung
2007-12Complaint management in closed-loop supply chain and performance evaluation by using exergoeconomicsGuojun Ji
2007-12The rise of China: to whom is it scary?Jung Taik Hyun; Moon Joong Tcha
2007-12Emissions impacts of a modal shift : a case study of the Southern California ports regionMinyoung Park; Amelia Regan; Choon-Heon Yang
2007-12The effects of logistics competency on performanceKuo-Chung Shang; Peter B. Marlow
2007-12Estimation of the J-curve in China : a cointegration approachJaleel Ahmad; Jing Yang
2007-12Outsourcing and performance of inbound logistics for the automobile industryHeo, Myoung-Kang; Kim, Yong Jin; Kim, Min-Sung
2007-06Repercussions of impeding shipping in the Malacca and Singapore StraitsPeter J. Rimmer; Paul T.W. Lee
2007-06Oil transportation security in the Black Sea and the Turkish StraitsNilufer Oral
2007-06Electronic cargo seal for safe and secure supply chain traceabilityMin, Jung Ung; Park, Minyoung
2007-06Overview of interport competition: Issues and methodsChang, Young-Tae; Paul T.W. Lee
2007-06Port dynamics since 1965: Past patterns, current conditions and future directionsPeter J. Rimmer
2007-06Global supply-chain securization as applied to seaport operations: A knowledge-based approachCharles-Henri Fredouet
2006Reciprocal dumping under antidumipng enforcementNilanjan Banik
2006Air cargo service competitiveness of asian major airportsYonghwa Park; Hun-Koo Ha; Oh Kyoung Kwon
2006Container throughput dynamics in the east asian container port systemTheo Notteboom
2006On the Integration of logistics activities by shipping lines : The case of east-asiaFrancesco Parola; Sung-Woo Lee; Claudio Ferrari
2006Globalization for developmentPhuong H. Nguyen