WTO/DDA 수산보조금 협상동향과 대응전략

WTO/DDA 수산보조금 협상동향과 대응전략
법학연구, WTO, DDA, 수산보조금
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인하대학교 법학연구소
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법학연구제7집59-100 pp.
WTO Members were unable to reach agreement on ways to move forward
in the Doha negotiations overall at Cancun, Negotiations on fisheries
subsidies have resumed since April 2004. It should be noted that the WTO
negotiations are a "Single undertaking" that is, result must be achieved in
all areas of the negotiations, not merely regarding fisheries subsides, and
must be applicable to all Members.
In the negotiation of fisheries subsidies WTO Members moved into a more
technical phase after adoption of Doha Work Programme in August 2004.
One of the most important issue is how to distinguish between harmful
subsidies that contribute to overcapacity and overfishing and subsidies that
do not have such harmful effects. Korea recognizes that many government
fisheries programs have positive rather than negative effects on fisheries
resources. For that reason, Korea has suggested determining which subsidies
are harmful and are needed disciplines.
Another issue to be addressed is how best to develop improved and
clarified disciplines on fisheries subsidies that are clear and easily
enforceable, yet recognize the many unique features of fisheries and
complement the work of other organizations such as the FAO. It is important
both that the WTO contribute constructively to an overall solution, and that
it stay within the bounds of its expertise.
Altought these issues will likely prove difficult, the negotiations offer the
Korea and other WTO Members an historic opportunity to help improve the
state of the world's fisheries - and to demonstarate, more boardly, that trade
liberalization and evironmental protection can and should be
complementary goals. For these reasons, the fisheries subsidies negotiations
are likely to remain a sighificant part of the Korea's trade and environment
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