Teacher’s characteristics affecting successful school life of student

Teacher’s characteristics affecting successful school life of student
Maladjustment to School, Characteristics of Teachers, Adjustment to School, Commissioned Alternative Schools
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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology
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Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology ; Vol2016 no.DecemberSpecial Startpage Endpage
This study focused on the findings of preceding studies that the maladjustment students from ordinary schools adjust well to commissioned alternative schools and examined the characteristics of teachers that affect the students' successful school life. For this purpose, a group of teachers from commissioned alternative schools were interviewed. The findings of this research proved that the characteristics of teachers affect the students' successful adjustment at commissioned alternative schools. This study derived the following characteristics of teachers as those that affect the students' adjustment to school life: ‘high self-esteem.’ ‘mission and positive perception of sacrifice,’ ‘strong determination and efforts to help students,’ ‘no prejudice and discrimination,’ ‘love of a mother,’ ‘consistency with words and actions,’ ‘critical thinking about normal and abnormal,’ ‘clear boundaries of acceptance,’ and ‘trust and faith as the start point of education.’ The findings manifest that Pestalozzi's classical principle of education where educational relationships should be based on love as with the parent-child relationship is still valid in today's schools that are dominated by technicality and efficiency. Further studies should be conducted to see whether the adjustment to school life based on these educational relationships can lead to social adjustment.
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