Journal Papers, Peports(물리학 학술논문, 보고서)422

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09Electronic structure of double perovskite A(2)FeReO(6) (A = Ba and Ca): interplay between spin-orbit interaction, electron correlation, and lattice distortionJeon, B.C.; Kim, C.H.; Moon, S.J.; Choi, W.S.; Jeong, H.; Lee, Y.S.; Yu, J.; Won, C.J.; Jung, J.H.; Hur, N.; Noh, T.W.
2010-09Nonperturbative analysis of entanglement dynamics and control for three qubits in a common lossy cavityNguyen, B.A.; Kim, J.; Kim, K.
2010-08An electromagnetically induced grating by microwave modulationXiao, Z.H.; Shin, S.G.; Kim, K.
2010-07Strong spin-lattice coupling in multiferroic hexagonal manganite YMnO3 probed by ultrafast optical spectroscopyJang, K.J.; Lee, H.G.; Lee, S.; Ahn, J.; Ahn, J.S.; Hur, N.; Cheong, S.W.
2010-06Antiferromagnetic layer thickness dependence of noncollinear uniaxial and unidirectional anisotropies in NiFe/FeMn/CoFe trilayersChoi, H.C.; You, C.Y.; Kim, K.Y.; Lee, J.S.; Shim, J.H.; Kim, D.H.
2010-06Proximity effect in a superconductor/exchange-spring-magnet hybrid systemGu, J.Y.; Kusnadi, J.; You, C.Y.
2010-05Temperature dependence of magnetization reversal processes in exchange-spring magnetsGu, J.Y.; Burgess, J.; You, C.Y.
2009-10Superparamagnetic Behavior of Pt/CoFe/Pt Nanowires With Decreasing Wire WidthYou, C.Y.
2009-09Development of the heavy-fermion state in Ce2IrIn8 and the effects of Ce dilution in (Ce1-xLax)(2)IrIn8Ohishi, K.; Heffner, R.H.; Ito, T.U.; Higemoto, W.; Morris, G.D.; Hur, N.; Bauer, E.D.; Sarrao, J.L.; Thompson, J.D.; MacLaughlin, D.E.; Shu, L.
2009-09Development of the heavy-fermion state in Ce2IrIn8 and the effects of Ce dilution in (Ce1-xLax)(2)IrIn8Hur, N.
2009-08Rate equation analysis of efficiency droop in InGaN light-emitting diodesRyu, Han-Youl
2009-08Roles of defects induced by hydrogen and oxygen on the structural phase transition of Si(111)4 x 1-InLee, G.; Yu, S.Y.; Shim, H.; Lee, W.; Koo, J.Y.
2009-07Characterization of flow pattern past two spheres in proximityYoon, D.H.; Yang, K.S.
2009-06Brillouin Light Scattering Study of the Magnetic Anisotropy in bcc-Fe(100) Ultrathin Films Grown on GaAs(100) Surfaces With Different ReconstructionsHa, S.S.; Kim, N.H.; You, C.Y.
2009-06Ferromagnetic Resonance Study of Annealed NiFe/FeMn/CoFe TrilayersYou, C.Y.
2009-06Control of phase transition in quasi-one-dimensional atomic wires by electron dopingShim, Hyungjoon
2009-05Competition between structural distortion and magnetic moment formation in fullerene C-20Lee, J.I.
2009-05Comparison of output power of InGaN laser diodes for different Al compositions in the AlGaN n-cladding layerRyu, H.Y.
2009-04Extraordinary optical properties of a superconducting periodic multilayer in near-zero-permittivity operation rangeHwangbo, C.K.
2009-04Predicted half-metallicity with no net magnetization in Ca0.75Cr0.25As from a first-principles studyLee, J.I.