Extended distal pancreatectomy for advanced pancreatic neck cancer

Extended distal pancreatectomy for advanced pancreatic neck cancer
이건영; 안승익; 최윤미; 신우영
Pancreas, Neck, Adenocarcinoma, Pancreatectomy, Atrophy
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한국간담췌외과학회지; 18권 3호 pp 77~83
Backgrounds/Aims: We investigated the clinical application of extended distal pancreatectomy in patients with pancre￾atic neck cancer accompanied by distal pancreatic atrophy. In this study, we have emphasized on the technical aspects of using the linear stapling device for a bulky target organ. Methods: From March 2010 to September 2013, 46 patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma, who underwent pancreatic resection with radical intent at our institute, were reviewed retrospectively. Among them, three patients (6.5%) underwent extended distal pancreatectomy. A linear stapling device and vise-grip locking pliers were used for en bloc resection of the distal pancreas, first duodenal portion, and distal common bile duct. The results were compared with those after standard pancreatectomy. Results: All three patients presented with jaundice, and the ratio of pancreatic duct to parenchymal thickness of the pancreatic body was greater than 0.5. Grade A pancreatic fistula developed in all of the cases, but none of these fistulae were lethal. Pathological staging was T3N1M0 in all of the patients. The postoperative daily serum glucose fluctuations and insulin requirements were comparable to those in patients who received pancreaticoduodenectomy or distal pancreatectomy. At the last follow-up, two patients were alive with liver metastasis at 4 and 10 months postoperatively, respectively, and one patient died of liver metastasis at 5 months postoperatively. Conclusions: While the prognosis of advanced pancreatic neck adenocarcinoma is still dismal, extended distal pancreatectomy is a valid treatment option, especially when there is atrophy of the distal pancreas. Also, the procedure is technically feasible, and further refinement is necessary to im￾prove patient survival.
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