The Influence of Customers’ Trust on Purchase Intention of Social e-Commerce in China

The Influence of Customers’ Trust on Purchase Intention of Social e-Commerce in China
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In the online-shopping environment, due to the anonymous transaction environment and advantage of virtual property, trust plays a great important role
between companies and customers. Moreover, a trend has been formed about e-commerce in close combination with the social network in recent years, so a dynamic trust process is becoming more and more apparent in online transaction. This thesis is based on the dynamic trust process of customers in social e-commerce. According to the related literature and through the variable analysis, we explored factors that can influence on the trust of customers and consumer purchase intention, constructed theoretical model, and tested empirically the hypothesis of our thesis. The statistical results show the importance of trust in social e-commerce.
Firstly, this study reviews the theory of social electronic commerce, the definition of 4Cs marketing mix that is the input variables of theoretical model and the definition
of purchase intention which is the output of my model. Secondly, I explained the reason why we not only choose trust as a mediator, but also regard trust as a dynamic process. And then, we explore the way to measure the performance of trust between 4Cs and consumer purchase intention. On this basis, we propose theoretical model and research hypothesis. Based on the empirical study and the use of statistical analysis software SPSS and AMOS, we tested many important things in thesis.
After we finished the statistical analysis, the results indicated that the direct positive relationship between 4Cs marketing mix and purchase Intention is partially mediated by initial trust and ongoing trust. And Part of initial trust effects on purchase intention through ongoing trust. Moreover, one thing is unexpected, both of initial
trust and ongoing trust is partial mediator between commerce variable and purchase intention. That means Chinese social e-commerce should pay more attention to trust.
1. Introduction 1
1.1 Research Background 1
1.2 Research Objectives 5
1.3 Research scopes and structure 9
2. Theoretical Background 17
2.1 The development of social e-Commerce 17
2.2 The web marketing mix-4Cs 20
2.3 The definition of Trust 22
2.4 The definition of purchase intention 30
3. Research Design 33
3.1 Research Model 33
3.2 Hypotheses 35
3.2.1 The impact of 4Cs on trust and purchase intention 35
3.2.2 The impact of initial trust on ongoing trust 39
3.2.3 The impact of trust on purchase intention 40
3.3 Data Collection & Method 43
4. Empirical Results 46
5. Conclusion & Discussion 59
References 66
Appendix: Questionnaire 74
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