Local Access Journal, Reports (신소재공학 논문, 보고서)94

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11CuO/SnO2 Mixed Nanofibers for H2S Detection김상섭
2015-11An Atomistic Tomographic Study of Oxygen and Hydrogen Atoms and their Molecules in CVD Grown Graphene김윤준
2015-11Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Oxygen Ion Conduction in Orthorhombic Perovskite Ba-Doped LaInO3 Using Cubic and Orthorhombic Model황해진
2015-11Effects of La Incorporation in Hf Based Dielectric on Leakage Conduction and Carrier Scattering Mechanisms최리노
2015-10Crystallization Behavior of Sm3+ doped Ba2TiSi2O8 Glass Prepared by Containerless Aerodynamic Levitation Technology조원승
2015-10An ultra-sensitive hydrogen gas sensor using reduced graphene oxide-loaded ZnO nanofibers김상섭
2015-09Thermodynamic investigation of Ti doping in MgAl2O4 based on the first-principles method김용선
2015-09Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties of Zn-Ni-O Nanoparticles현승균
2015-08Fabrication of a Flat Tubular Segmented-in-series Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Decalcomania Paper황해진
2015-08XPS and DFT study of Sn incorporation into ZnO and TiO2 host matrices by pulsed ion implantation김상섭
2015-08Realization of ppb-Scale Toluene-Sensing Abilities with Pt-Functionalized SnO2-ZnO Core-Shell Nanowires김상섭
2015-08Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of Ba2TiSi2O8 Glass Ceramics Prepared by Aerodynamic Levitation이지환; 조원승
2015-08Effect of Various Refinement Methods on the Morphologies of Primary Si in a Hypereutectic Al-18Si Alloy현승균
2015-08Ubiquitous magneto-mechano-electric generator정대용
2015-07Chemiresistive Sensing Behavior of SnO2 (n)-Cu2O (p) Core-Shell Nanowires김상섭
2015-06Bifunctional Sensing Mechanism of SnO2-ZnO Composite Nanofibers for Drastically Enhancing the Sensing Behavior in H2 Gas김상섭
2015-06Tunable Bandgap Narrowing Induced by Controlled Molecular Thickness in 2D Mica Nanosheets김상섭
2015-05Pt-4%Au-0.3%ZrO2의 고온 휘발 특성현승균
2015-05고로조업조건에서 냉각용 Cu 스테이브의 마모특성한정환
2015-05The Surface Modification of Electrode with Solid Electrolyte Interphase for Hybrid Supercapacitor정대용