Local Access Journal, Reports (신소재공학 논문, 보고서)73

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Fabrication of a Flat Tubular Segmented-in-series Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Decalcomania Paper황해진
2015-02Computational Analysis of Oxide Ion Conduction in Orthorhombic Perovskite Structured La(0.9)A(0.1)InO(2.95) (A = Ca, Sr and Ba)황해진
2015-02Extraordinary Improvement of Gas-Sensing Performances in SnO2 Nanofibers Due to Creation of Local p&#8722김상섭
2015-02Antiswelling and Frost-resistant Properties of a Zeolite-modified Rubber Mechanical Seal at Low Temperature정대용
2015-01ロータス型ポーラス・ステンレス鋼の腐食挙動と 生体親和性현승균
2015-01Remarkable Improvement of Gas-Sensing Abilities in p-type Oxide Nanowires by Local Modification of the Hole-Accumulation Layer김상섭
2015-01Low Temperature Sensing Properties of Pt Nanoparticle-Functionalized Networked ZnO Nanowires김상섭
2015-01Striking sensing improvement of n-type oxide nanowires by electronic sensitization based on work function difference김상섭
2014-12X-선 투과검사를 이용한 저항 점용접부 품질평가기법김목순
2014-12Sol-gel 법을 이용한 내오염 반사방지 코팅막 제조현승균
2014-12Hydroxyapatite 분위기 소결을 통한 지르코니아 표면 경도 강화정대용
2014-12PZT/PVDF 나노섬유의 전기방사 조건 최적화정대용
2014-12Stress Modulation and Ferroelectric Properties of Nanograined PbTiO3 Thick Films on the Different Substrates Fabricated by Aerosol Deposition정대용
2014-11방전플라즈마 소결 공정을 이용한 CoSb3/Al/Ti/CuMo 접합 특성김형순
2014-11플라즈마 조사에 의한 전기분무합성 SiO2 코팅층의 물접촉각 변화김상섭
2014-11Effect of Al2O3 on the Solubility of MgO in BOF Slag System유병돈
2014-11Room temperature hydrogen sensing properties of multiple-networked Nb2O5-nanorod sensors decorated with Pd nanoparticles현승균
2014-11TiO2/ZnO Inner/Outer Double-Layer Hollow Fibers for Improved Detection of Reducing Gases김상섭
2014-11A Novel Synthesis Route for Pt-Loaded SnO2 Nanofibers and Their Sensing Properties김상섭
2014-11Study of the Structural Characteristics of 3d Metals Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu Implanted in ZnO and TiO2-Experiment and Theory김상섭