Journal Papers, Reports(식품영양학 논문, 보고서)30

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Changes in nutritional status among displaced North Korean children living in South Korea이수경
2015-10Korean adolescents’ milk intake,recognition and nutritional knowledge on milk by participation in school milk program장경자
2015-10Nutritional knowledge, dietary attitude and behavior by vegetables intake in Korean adolescents장경자
2015-08Growth retardation at early life and metabolic adaptation among North Korean children이수경
2015-08Effects of blanching and drying on pigments and antioxidants of daraesoon(shoot of the Siberian gooseberry Tree, Actinidia arguta Planchon)최은옥
2015-03A Safety Assessment of N-(β-D-Xylopyranosyl)Taurine Sodium Salt in Male and Female ICR Mice장경자
2015-03Evaluation of the Toxicity of a Single Oral Dose of N-(D-Ribopyranosyl)taurine Sodium Salt in Mice장경자
2015-03N-(β-D-Xylopyranosyl)taurine Sodium Salt Supplementation Has Beneficial Effect on the Hepatic Antioxidant System of Rats Fed a High Fat-Diet and β-Alanine장경자
2015-03Anti-obesity and Hypolipidemic Effects of N-(β-D-Xylopyranosyl) Taurine Sodium Salt Supplementation in Rats Fed a High-Fat and β-Alanine장경자
2015-03Effect of N-(D-Ribopyranosyl)taurine Sodium Salt Supplementation on the Hepatic Antioxidant System in Rat Models of Diet-Induced and Taurine Deficiency장경자
2015-03N-(D-Ribopyranosyl) Taurine Sodium Salt Has Anti-obesity Effect in Diet-Induced Obesity and Taurine Deficiency Rat Model장경자
2015-03Taurine ameliorates hypercholesterolemia but not obesity in rats fed a lard based, high fat diet장경자
2015-03Needs Assessment for Development of Health Functional Taurine-Containing Food for Korean College Students장경자
2015-03The Association Among Dietary Taurine Intake,Obesity and Quality of Sleep in Korean Women장경자
2015-02Optical property and apparent color of wild grape (Vitis coignetiea) extract최은옥
2014-12Effects of catechin and alpha-tocopherol addition on the autoxidative stability of diacylglycerol oil derived from an olive oil and perilla oil mixture최은옥
2014-08In vitro alpha-glucosidase and pancreatic lipase inhibitory activities and antioxidants of Samnamul (Aruncus dioicus) during rehydration and cooking최은옥
2014-08Effects of light and lipids on chlorophyll degradation최은옥
2014-07Pinoresinol Diglucoside is Screened as a Putative alpha-Glucosidase Inhibiting Compound in Actinidia arguta leaves최은옥
2014-07Effects of exposure to television advertising for energy-dense/nutrient-poor food on children's food intake and obesity in South Korea이수경