H∞필터를 이용한 2관성 공진계의 진동억제제어

H∞필터를 이용한 2관성 공진계의 진동억제제어
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The Vibration Suppression Control of the Two-Mass Resonant System using the H∞ Filter
Two-Mass System, State Feedback Controller, State Observer, HU Filter
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대한전기학회 논문지 ; Vol.47 No.4
In the industrial motor drive systems, a shaft torsional vibration is often generated when a motor and a load are connected with a flexible shaft. This paper treats the vibration suppression control of such systems. In recent there are new methods which estimate the unknown state variables by using the reduced order observer and feedback these state variables by using a pole placement design method. These state feedback control methods satisfy the command following property and the load disturbance suppression property at the same time. In this paper, the vibration suppression control method of the two-mass resonant system using the H~ filter is proposed. The proposed control method uses the Ho≪ filter as an observer of the state feedback controller. To show the validity of the H≫ filter, in the same controller, we compared real shaft torsional torque with estimated shaft torsional torque in case of using the state observer or the H<≫ filter, respectively. As a result, we confirmed that the H≫ filter had more excellent estimating property. And experimental results show the validity of the proposed controller and this controller is compared with the state feedback controller using the state observer.
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