Journal Papers, Reports(물류학 학술논문,보고서)25

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12The Revealed Competitiveness of Major Ports in the East Asian Region: An Additive Market Share Analysis김태승
2015-11Factors affecting the development of hub airport clusters: focusing on the roles of low-cost carriers in the Asia-pacific region김태승
2015-08US airport financial reform and its implications for airport efficiency: An exploratory investigation장영태
2015-08The challenges of economic integration: the case of shipping in ASEAN countries이상윤
2015-08Global Production Planning Process considering the Supply Risk of Overseas Manufacturing Sites정호상
2015-07Socially responsible service operations management: an overview정호상
2015-06Urban Freight Truck Routing under Stochastic Congestion and Emission Considerations황태성
2015-04Segmenting volunteers by motivation in the 2012 London Olympic Games김성범
2014-11Analysing the cost efficiency of parcel distribution networks with changes in demand박민영
2014-05A continuous connectivity model for evaluation of hub-and-spoke operations박용화
2014-05Economic impact of port sectors on South African economy: An input-output analysis장영태
2014-05A continuous connectivity model for evaluation of hub-and-spoke operations박용화
2014-03Assessing noxious gases of vessel operations in a potential Emission Control Area장영태
2014-02Simultaneous order-lot pegging and wafer release planning for semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities김화중
2014-01Analysis of an Intermodal Transportation Network in Korea from an Environmental Perspective장영태
2014-01Evaluating economic and environmental efficiency of global airlines: A SBM-DEA approach장영태
2013Economy-wide impact analysis of a carbon tax on international container shipping장영태
2013Airline market structure and airport efficiency: Evidence from major Northeast Asian airports하헌구
2013RFID Application in the Food-Beverage Industry: Identifying Decision Making Factors and Evaluating SCM Efficiency박민영
2013Assessing greenhouse gas emissions from port vessel operations at the Port of Incheon장영태