Journal Papers, Reports(정보통신공학 논문, 보고서)104

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2101-40-04An in vitro comparative study of T2 and T2* mappings of human articular cartilage at 3-Tesla MRI using histology as the standard of reference김학일
2015-12Simplified algorithms for rate-distortion optimization in high efficiency video coding이채은
2015-123D holographic head mounted display using holographic optical elements with astigmatism aberration compensation박재형
2015-12Continuous shading and its fast update in fully analytic triangular-mesh-based computer generated hologram박재형
2015-12Feature description using local neighborhoods박인규
2015-12A simplified nonlinear regression method for human height estimation in video surveillance김학일
2015-11An Effective Combination of Power Scaling for H.264/AVC Compression이채은
2015-10Simple thermal diverging model of the thin epitaxial layer of InP laser diodes이승걸; 박세근; 오범환
2015-10Rate-Energy Region of Joint Information and Energy Transfer in a Two-User MIMO Interference Channel박대영
2015-09Efficient multi-Gb/s multi-mode LDPC decoder architecture for IEEE 802.11ad applications이한호
2015-09Dynamic Interference Control in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Network Using Genetic Algorithm유상조
2015-08Optimal Beamforming Design for Information and Power Transmission in the Presence of Eavesdroppers박대영
2015-08Efficient Channel Management Mechanism to Enhance Channel Utilization for Sensing Data Delivery in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks유상조
2015-03Removal of line artifacts on mesh boundary in computer generated hologram by mesh phase matching박재형
2015-02Correcting geometric and photometric distortion of document images on a smartphone박인규
2015-02A Block-Layered Decoder Architecture for Quasi-Cyclic Non-Binary LDPC Codes이한호
2014-11Fast focus estimation using frequency analysis in digital holography박재형
2014-10Light ray field capture using focal plane sweeping and its optical reconstruction using 3D displays박재형
2014-09Optimal Sensing Interval Considering Per-primary Transmission Protection in Cognitive Radio Networks유상조
2014-09A New Precoding Scheme for Constructive Superposition of Interfering Signals in Multiuser MIMO Systems김덕경