Journal Papers, Reports(정보통신공학 논문, 보고서)68

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A High-Speed Low-Complexity Modified Radix-2(5) FFT Processor for High Rate WPAN Applications이한호
2013Adaptive flame detection using randomness testing and robust features김학일
2013Block-Circulant RS-LDPC Code: Code Construction and Efficient Decoder Design이한호
2013Analysis of ZnO nanorod growth from inclined columnar seed layer이승걸; 박세근; 오범환
2013Content-driven retargeting of stereoscopic images박인규
2013Depth enhancement of multi-layer light field display using polarization dependent internal reflection박재형
2013Hologram synthesis of three-dimensional real objects using portable integral imaging camera박재형
2013Molecular Nanonetwork Channel Model곽경섭
2013Neighbor initiated approach for avoiding deaf and hidden node problems in directional MAC protocol for ad-hoc networks곽경섭
2013Proactive Frequency-Hopping Dynamic Spectrum Access Against Asynchronous Interchannel Spectrum Sensing김재명
2013Preamble-based improved channel estimation for multiband UWB system in presence of interferences곽경섭
2013Power Control of Femtocells Based on Max-Min Fairness in Heterogeneous Networks김덕경
2013Performance Analysis of Opportunistic Spectrum Access Protocol for Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks곽경섭
2013Online Approach for Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Data Reduction for Portable Devices최원익
2013Nanofocusing of light using three-dimensional plasmonic mode conversion이승걸; 박세근; 오범환; 전영철
2013IP traceback with sparsely-tagged fragment marking scheme under massively multiple attack paths김기창; 김진경; 황진수
2013Error analysis in parallel two-step phase-shifting method박재형
2013Coordinating transmit power and carrier phase for wireless networks with multi-packet reception capability박대영
2013Content-based 3D model retrieval using a single depth image from a low-cost 3D camera박인규
2013Channel estimation in high date rate UWB system with unknown narrowband interference곽경섭