Journal Papers, Reports(생명공학 논문, 보고서)37

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identification and Biotechnological Application of Novel Regulatory Genes Involved in Streptomyces Polyketide Overproduction through Reverse Engineering Strategy김응수
2013A nanoporous membrane-based impedimetric immunosensor for label-free detection of pathogenic bacteria in whole milk전태준
2013Self-assembled graphene oxide with organo-building blocks of Fe-aminoclay for heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction at near-neutral pH: A batch experiment전태준
2013Assessment of Spirulina-PCL nanofiber for the regeneration of dermal fibroblast layers신화성
2013Electroactive nanoparticle directed assembly of functionalized graphene nanosheets into hierarchical structures with hybrid compositions for flexible supercapacitors허윤석
2013Lipid extractions from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-rich and oleaginous Chlorella sp biomasses by organic-nanoclays허윤석
2013Self-assembled graphene oxide with organo-building blocks ofFe-aminoclay for heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction at near-neutralpH: A batch experiment허윤석
2013Selective recovery of acetone-butanol-ethanol from aqueous mixture by pervaporation using immobilized ionic liquid polydimethylsiloxane membrane구윤모; 신화성
2013Free-standing heterogeneous hybrid papers based on mesoporous gamma-MnO2 particles and carbon nanotubes for lithium-ion battery anodes허윤석
2013Design and Optimization of SPR Based Binding Assay for Evaluation and Screening of MIRF-E-Box Binding Inhibitor김은기
2013Production and characterization of low molecular weight sophorolipid under fed-batch culture김은기
2013Refolding of Laccase in Dilution Additive Mode with Copper-Based Ionic Liquid구윤모
2013Optimization of lipase-catalyzed synthesis of caffeic acid phenethyl ester in ionic liquids by response surface methodology구윤모
2013Effects of different calcium salts on calcium carbonate crystal formation by Sporosarcina pasteurii KCTC 3558소재성; 정진훈
2013Oil extraction by aminoparticle-based H2O2 activation via wet microalgae harvesting허윤석
2013Probing the photothermally induced phase transitions in single-crystalline vanadium dioxide nanobeams허윤석
2013Highly photocatalytic performance of flexible 3 dimensional (3D) ZnO nanocomposite허윤석
2013Electromechanical strain sensing using polycarbonate-impregnated carbon nanotube-graphene nanoplatelet hybrid composite sheets권순조
2013Evaluation of EPS-PCL Nanofibers as a Nanobiocomposite for Artificial Skin Based on Dermal Fibroblast Culture신화성
2013Effect of topography of an electrospun nanofiber on modulation of activity of primary rat astrocytes신화성