Journal Papers, Reports(신소재공학 논문, 보고서)144

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Microstructure of Rapidly Quenched YAG-based Glass-ceramics Prepared by Aerodynamic Levitation조원승
2015-12Structural defects and electronic structure of N-ion implanted TiO2: Bulk versus thin film김상섭
2015-12Excellent gas detection of ZnO nanofibers by loading with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets김상섭
2015-11First-principles investigation of the structural characteristics of LiMO2 cathode materials for lithium secondary batteries김용선
2015-11Behavior of precipitation and morphological, structural properties during the synthesis of spherical Ni and Ni0.95M0.05(M=Cu, Cr, Co, Fe) nano-particles황해진
2015-11Remote plasma atomic layer deposited Al2O3 4H SiC MOS capacitor with remote H2 plasma passivation and post metallization annealing최리노
2015-11Evolution of grains to relieve additional compressive stress developed in Al-Mg alloy films during thermal annealing김상섭
2015-11Shape anisotropy and instability of holes formed during dewetting of single-crystal palladium and nickel films예종필
2015-11Pore characteristics for improving luminous efficacy of phosphor-in-glass김형순
2015-09One-Pot Synthesis of h-BN Fullerenes Usinsg a Graphene Oxide Template김상섭
2015-09Growth and Structure of Mg-Al Spinel Nanodonut-Decorated MgO Nanowires김상섭
2015-09Enhancement of stability of aqueous suspension of alumina nanoparticles by femtosecond laser irradiation정대용
2015-09Aerodynamic Levitator for Large-sized Glassy Material Production조원승
2015-08Enhanced acetone gas sensing performance of the multiple-networked Fe2O3-functionalized In2O3 nanowire sensor현승균
2015-08High performance solution processed zirconium oxide gate dielectric appropriate for low temperature device application최리노
2015-07Reaction and Interfacial Structures Between Ag Paste with Tellurite Glass Frits and Si Wafer for Solar Cells김형순; 정대용
2015-07Importance of the nanograin size on the H2S-sensing properties of ZnO–CuO composite nanofibers김상섭
2015-06Power-Generation Characteristics After Vibration and Thermal Stresses of Thermoelectric Unicouples with CoSb3/Ti/Mo(Cu) Interfaces황해진
2015-06Energy Storage Properties of Nano-grained Antiferroelectric (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 Films Prepared by Aerosol-deposition Method정대용
2015-06Dielectric and Electrocaloric Responses of Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 Bulk Ceramics and Thick Films with Sintering Aids정대용