Journal Papers, Reports(경영학 논문, 보고서)13

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08The moderating role of Hofstede's cultural dimensions in the customer-brand relationship in China and India김민성
2015-06Economic value of Li-ion energy storage system in frequency regulation application from utility firm's perspective in Korea허원창
2015-04The effect of carbon risk on the cost of equity capital김종대
2015-03Positive psychological capital and emothional labor in Korea: the job demands-resources approach안광호
2015-01Roles of entrepreneurial orientation and guanxi network with parent university in start-ups’ performance: evidence from university spin-offs in China손동원
2014-10Tangibilizing services through visual tangible cues in corporate Web sites: a six-country cross-cultural analysis안대천
2014-09The mediating role of alliance marketing program creativity on the relationship between alliance orientation and market performance in the services industry김민성
2014-05Separation of corporate ownership and control and accounting conservatism:evidence from Korea김명인
2014-03Measuring sustainability by Energy Efficiency Analysis for Korean Power Companies: A Sequential Slacks-Based Efficiency Measure김종대
2013-10Understanding Medical Tourists in Korea: Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Medical Tourism among Patients from the USA, Russia, Japan, and China안대천
2013A study of the continuous usage intention of social software in the context of instant messaging서우종
2013Diffusion of competing innovations in influence networks허원창
2013Conceptualizing structural ambidexterity into the innovation of human resource management architecture: the case of LG Electronics김현정