Journal Papers, Reports(국제통상학 논문, 보고서)29

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Value-Added Exports and the Decomposition of Exports in Korea Trade정인교
2015-12Comparison of the potential cost savings from carbon emissions trading for the manufacturing industries in three regions of China이명헌
2015-12국내 제조업에 대한 비가격 신재생에너지의 암묵가격, 대체가능성, 생산성 파급효과 분석이명헌
2015-11Intermediary Propositions for Green Growth with Sustainable Governance최용록
2015-10Measuring Environmental Performance Under Regional Heterogeneity in China: A Metafrontier Efficiency Analysis최용록
2015-10ASEAN's initiatives for regional economic integration and the implications for maritime logistics reforms정인교
2015-10Is the Web Marketing Mix Sustainable in China? The Mediation Effect of Dynamic Trust최용록
2015-09China's New Silk Road: Policies and Implications이준엽
2015-09Strategic corporate sustainability performance of Chinese state-owned listed firms: A meta-frontier generalized directional distance function approach최용록
2015-07Introduction to the special issue on "Sustainable E-Governance in Northeast Asia: Challenges for Sustainable Innovation"최용록
2015-07The role of intermediation on the international aid for the governance of technical training program최용록
2015-05Estimation of Benefits and costs of Korea’s unification:A critical review정인교
2015-04Pyrolysis and biochar potential using crop residues and agricultural wastes in China최용록
2015-01Introduction to the Special Issue on "the Sustainable Asia Conference 2014"최용록
2014-12Corporate social responsibility and firm performance through the mediating effect of organizational trust in Chinese firms최용록
2014-08Electrification and productivity growth in Korean manufacturing plants정용훈
2014-06Measuring sustainability performance for China: A sequential generalized directional distance function approach최용록
2014-06The Role of Intermediation in the Governance of Sustainable Chinese Web Marketing최용록
2014-05Spillover effects and the decision to export in Korean manufacturing firms정용훈
2014-05Spatiotemporal Pattern and Driving Forces of Arable Land-Use Intensity in China: Toward Sustainable Land Management Using Emergy Analysis최용록