Journal Papers, Reports(조선해양공학 논문, 보고서)23

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Residual ultimate strength of a very large crude carrier considering probabilistic damage extents정준모
2016-03Numerical simulations of two-dimensional floating breakwaters in regular waves using fixed cartesian grid이영길
2015-12Novel hot spot stress calculations for welded joints using 3D solid finite elements김유일
2015-11Extraction of the mode shapes of a segmented ship model with a hydroelastic response김유일
2015-11Prediction and improvement of the solid particles transfer rate for the bulk handing system design of offshore drilling vessels김유일
2015-11Identification of the nonlinear roll damping and restoring moment of a FPSO using Hilbert transform김유일
2015-11Nonlinear time-domain NWT simulations for two types of a backward bent duct buoy (BBDB) compared with 2D wave-tank experiments구원철
2015-10A Study on the Estimation Method of Risk Based Area for Jetty Safety Monitoring이경호
2015-09On the second order effect of the springing response of large blunt ship김유일
2015-09Computational study of LNG evaporation and heat diffusion through a LNG cargo tank membrane이장현
2015-08Dynamic Responses of an X-braced Jack-Up Leg with Pile-Soil Foundation구원철
2015-07Finite memory quadratic Volterra model for the response prediction of a slender marine structure under a Morison load김유일
2015-05Numerical simulation of the free surface around a circular column in regular waves using modified marker-density method이영길
2015-04Tidal current energy resource assessment technique and procedure applied in western coastal region, South Korea조철희
2015-01Simplified formulas of heave added mass coefficients at high frequency for various two-dimensional bodies in a finite water depth구원철
2015-01Mathematical Modeling of Partial-Porous Circular Cylinders with Water Waves구원철
2014-09Investigation of jetting system of the spudcan to ease extraction in clayey soils조철희
2014-08Prediction of hull girder moment-carrying capacity using kinematic displacement theory정준모
2014-06Time series prediction of nonlinear ship structural responses in irregular seaways using a third-order Volterra model김유일
2014-04Analysis of the characteristics of PMSG tidal current power generation system using PMSG and water tunnel조철희