Journal Papers, Reports(조선해양공학 논문, 보고서)27

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An experimental study on fatigue performance of cryogenic metallic materials for IMO type B tank김경수; 김유일
2013A numerical simulation method for free surface flows near a two-dimensional moving body in fixed rectangular grid system이영길
2013FSI analysis of deformation along offshore pile structure for tidal current power조철희
2013Dynamic hardening behaviors of various marine structural steels considering dependencies on strain rate and temperature정준모
2013Whipping identificcation of a flexible ship using wavelet cross-correlation김유일
2013Effective arrangement of hydraulic top bracing based on idealized load carrying mechanism정준모
2013Cloud-Based RF-Inspection for Ship Maintenance이경호
2013Fully coupled FEM-BEM analysis for ship hydroelasticity in waves김유일
2013Rapid response calculation of LNG cargo containment system under sloshing load using wavelet transformation김유일
2012-04-27미래의 해상풍력발전 개발 및 전략손충렬
2012-04-27Numerical and Experimental Study of Offshore Pipeline Stability in TrenchChul-Hee Jo
2010해양구조물에서의 파이프정비 지원을 위한 지식기반형 증강현실 시스템에 관한 연구이경호
2010Impact test simulations of stiffened plates using the micromechanical porous plasticity modelKYUNG-SU KIM
2010FPSO Riser 지지 구조의 강도설계에 대한 위상최적화 응용정준모
2009해양 조류발전단지 간섭 연구조철희
2009돌핀의 높이와 경사에 따른 돌핀의 거동 특성조철희
2009교량 케이슨 운송의 동적 안정성 고찰조철희
2009Asymmetric free vibrations of laminated annular cross-ply circular plates including the effects of shear deformation and rotary inertia: spline methodKYUNG-SU KIM
2009FPSO 다점 계류 시스템의 최적 설계 연구정준모
2009A numerical simulation model of cyclic hardening behavior of AC4C-T6 for LNG cargo pump using finite element analysisKYUNG-SU KIM