Development of MOFs, Graphenes, and Iron Nanoparticles-Supported Palladium Catalysts

Development of MOFs, Graphenes, and Iron Nanoparticles-Supported Palladium Catalysts
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ABSTRACT Catalysts play a vital role in many industrial processes. Understanding mechanistic details of catalyzed reactions may pay the way to the design of new and improved catalysts. The use of heterogeneous catalysts would be an attractive for their easy separation and facile recycling. Therefore, successful development of homogeneous catalysts has been often followed by attempts to immobilize the catalysts on a variety of insoluble supports including metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), graphenes and iron nano-particles. MOFs represent a new type of functional materials and have been found to exhibit great potential in various applications such as catalysis, gas storage, gas separation etc. This dissertation details the investigation of porous MOFs, graphenes and iron nano-particles supported palladium complexes for catalytic applications, such as aerobic oxidation, hydrogenation, suzuki and heck coupling reactions. The first section evaluates porous MOFs based palladium complexes as
Section One: Synthesis and Application of Metal-Organic Frameworks based palladium complexes 1 Chapter 1.1 Introductions 2 1.1.1 Metal-Organic Frameworks 2 1.1.2 Synthesis of MOF 4 1.1.3 Structural highlights of metal-organic frameworks 5 1.1.4 Applications of MOFs 8 1.1.5 MOFs with Metal Active Sites 9 1.1.6 Catalysis in MOF with Reactive Functional Groups 10 1.1.7 Future research 13 1.1.8 References 13 Chapter 1.2 Synthesis of azide based MOF 19 1.2.1 Synthesis of L1 19 1.2.2 Synthesis of L2 20 1.2.3 Synthesis of L3 21 1.2.4 Synthesis of L4 21 1.2.5 Synthesis of L5, (MOF) 22 Chapter 1.3 Application of MOF based heterogeneous catalyst in oxidation reduction reaction 24 1.3.1 Introduction 24 1.3.2 Results and Discussion 26 1.3.3 Experimental 34 General 34 Preparation of MOF-NH2 34 Preparation of metal organic framework supported palladium complexes 34 General procedure for Oxidation reaction 35 Ge
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