Ontology Integration by Propagating a Context in Priorly Matchable Concepts

Ontology Integration by Propagating a Context in Priorly Matchable Concepts
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The main aim of this research is to deal with wide-scale semantic heterogeneity in ontology matching. Although several efforts in ontology matching have already been contributed, they have different focuses, assumptions, and limitations. A common point among existing methods involve blind or exhaustive computing similarities among all entities (concepts and properties) across different ontologies that leads to mismatching problem. The main focus for this research is to avoid computing similarities between mismatching concepts and unmatchable concepts across ontologies for enhancing matching accuracy and guaranteeing high performance. To accomplish this, instead of computing similarities between all combinations of concepts across the ontologies, matchable concepts would be the best to propagated in a priority policy during matching process. Therefore, the Priorly Matchable Concepts (PMC) propagation method is proposed. The priorly matchable concepts are determined by two measurements,
1 Introduction 1 1.1 Motivation 2 1.2 Problem Definition 8 1.2.1 Ontology Matching 8 1.2.2 Ontology Alignment 9 1.2.3 Ontology Mapping 10 1.2.4 Ontology Merging 10 1.3 Goals of the Dissertation 11 1.4 Overview of Priorly Matchable Concepts Approach 12 1.5 RelatedWork 14 1.5.1 Lily 15 1.5.2 RiMOM 16 1.5.3 ASMOV 18 1.5.4 Anchor-PROMPT 20 1.5.5 Anchor-Flood 21 1.6 Thesis Outline 23 2 Ontology Engineering 25 2.1 Basic Ontology Concepts 25 2.1.1 What is an Ontology 25 2.1.2 The Main Components of an Ontology 27 2.1.3 Types of Ontologies and their Uses 28 2.1.4 Ontology Model 30 2.2 Methodologies for Ontology Building 32 2.2.1 Criteria for Designing Ontology 32 2.2.2 Engineering-oriented Method 33 2.2.3 Collaborative-oriented Method 34 2.3 Ontology Representation Languages and Development Tools 41 2.3.1 Ontology Representation Languages 41 2.3.2 Ontology Development Tools 44 3 Similarity Techniques for Ontology Integration
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