D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol extend life-span of Drosophila melanogaster

D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol extend life-span of Drosophila melanogaster
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Introduction: D-chiro-Inositol, a member of inositol family, plays a key role in promoting insulin sensitivity in the human body. Pinitol has a similar chemical structure and biochemical actions with inositol. Pinitol and its derivatives are associated with a wide range of bioactivities like anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, stamina enhancing. As reduction in IGF-like signaling has been implicated in extending life-span in Drosophila, we evaluated the impacts of D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol in the life-span, fecundity, locomotion, stress resistance, and FOXO localization in Drosophila. To find the role of D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol in aging and dietary restriction (DR), we examined the life-span of D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol fed Drosophila in dietary restriction condition. Results: Supplementing Drosophila with D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol resulted in statistically significant increase in the survivorship of male and female flies. Life-span extension was accompanied by protection against oxidative and starvation stresses, improvement in locomotion and no reduction in fecundity. Pinitol increased life-span of flies in both dietary restriction and ad libitum condition suggesting that increased in life-span is not associated with dietary restriction pathway. Nuclear localization of dFOXO was higher in D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol-fed flies with compared to the control. Conclusions: Hence, D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol could be novel food-derived anti-aging compounds as evidenced by the increase in the life-span of the flies supplemented with these compounds without negative impacts on their health. Life-span increment with these compounds was due to reduction in insulin signaling pathway, activation of dFOXO, and reduction of stresses.
ABSTRACT 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 2 I. INTRODUCTION 3 II. MATERIALS AND METHODS 6 1. Fly stocks and husbandry 6 2. Life-span 6 3. Fecundity 6 4. Rapid iterative negative geotaxis (RING) assay 6 5. Stress tests 7 6. Dietary Restriction 7 7. Immunostaining 7 8. Statistical Analyses 8 III. RESULTS 9 1. The effects of DCI and Pinitol on lifespan of flies fed a standard diet 9 2. The effects of DCI and pinitol on fecundity 11 3. The effects of DCI and pinitol on locomotion activity of flies 11 4. The effects of DCI and pinitol on life-span of flies fed the DR diet 13 5. The effects of DCI and pintiol on stress resistance 13 6. DCI and pinitol increase nuclear localization of dFOXO 15 IV. DISCUSSIONS 17 V. CONCLUSIONS 19 VI. REFERENCES 21 Fig. 1. The Drosophila IIS pathway. 3 Fig. 2. Structure of D-chiro-Inositol and pinitol 5 Fig. 3. The effects of DCI and pinitol on life-span of Canton-S flies. 9 Fig. 4. The effects of DCI and pinitol fed flies on fecundity. 11 Fig. 5. The climbing ability of the flies administered with 20 μM DCI compared with the control in 1 week and 4 weeks old male and female flies. 12 Fig. 6. Pinitol extends life-span independent of DR pathway. 13 Fig. 7. DCI and pinitol increase resistance to oxidative stress and starvation 14 Fig. 8. DCI and pinitol reduced insulin signaling pathway. 16 Table 1. Statistical analysis of life-span experiments for Fig. 1. 10
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