Source location based on wavelet analysis and multiple signal classification method

Source location based on wavelet analysis and multiple signal classification method
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Source localization has been an important topic in the area of both structural health monitoring and human-computer interfaces. In order to improve accuracy and real time of impact localization in thick plate, a new method for impact monitoring was proposed based on the multiple signal classification (MUSIC) method and wavelet analysis. Narrowband frequency components of response signals were extracted by using wavelet transform, the direction of arrival (DOA) can be estimated accurately by the MUSIC method. Time delay of arrival (TDOA) is gained by using the continuous wavelet transform (CWT). Our results indicate that the source location can be confined by velocity which is determined by the fundamental mode A0 using wavelet analysis and the direction of arrival. All of the processing for this thesis will be done on a computer using MATLAB. Our findings provide evidence that when the array spacing is small, the vibration signal can be regard as a plant signal. Therefore DOA can be calculated based on MUSIC method. On the other hand, this technique is a valuable method can identify the impact location quickly and accurately.
ABSTRACT I CONTENTS II NOMENCLATURE III LIST OF TABLES V LIST OF FIGURES VI 1. INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Backgrounds 1 1.2 Preceding researches 3 1.3 Technology principle 6 1.4 Objective and organization 8 2. THEORY OF MULTIPLE SIGNAL CLASSIFICATION (MUSIC) 9 2.1 Music algorithm fundamental principle 12 2.2 Impact locations and group wave velocity algorithm 15 2.3 The continuous wavelet transforms 17 3. EXPERIMENTAL SET-UP AND PROCEDURE 20 3.1 Test equipment 20 3.1.1 Plate theory 20 3.1.2 Aluminum plate 21 3.1.3 Piezoelectric sensors 25 3.1.4 DAQ 28 3.2 The method of determining the array spacing 33 4. IMPACT LOCATION RESULTS 37 5. CONCLUSIONS 50 REFERENCES 51 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 54
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