A Study on Reduction of Lead Time through Construction of Portal Site for Suppliers

A Study on Reduction of Lead Time through Construction of Portal Site for Suppliers
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Companies throughout the world lies in the highly competitive environment and is focused to build an optimized system with limited resources. Currently the company's supply chain was evolving with information and communications technology and transportation technology and the strategic utilization of various resources are needed according to the development of an uncertain market environment. In particular, close communication and collaboration between a parent company and its cooperative partners is desperately needed to achieve the competitive advantage. This thesis deals with extracting the key success factors of successful collaboration and communication between companies through searching the studies for the creation of strategic communication activities and optimization of the collaboration and communication system by the development of supplier portal site. Lead time is optimized and the overall cost is minimized through the optimized collaboration and communication system. The portal site enables the parent company to communicate with its cooperative partners and we develop a questionnaire to confirm that above close communication improved the supply chain service. We divided the questionnaire into the current level of supply chain, the improved level of supply chain, and some statistical questions. In addition we use a 5-point scale for each question. Survey results revealed that the portal site improved the delivery lead time, strengthened the collaboration relationship, achieved a seamless flow of information through supply chain, and increased the accuracy of order process. It is recently the phase which the small and medium enterprise introduces the collaboration with the cooperative enterprises. With this investigation result we will achieve the strategic supply chain objectives if we appropriately apply the portal site for supply chain management.
Ⅰ서론 1 1.1 연구의 배경 및 필요성 1 1.2 연구방법 1 1.3 논문의 구성 2 Ⅱ 연구의 이론적 고찰 3 2.1 SCM 개념 및 구성 3 2.1.1 SCM의 개념 4 2.1.2 SCM의 기본 구성 10 2.1.3 SCM의 효과 12 2.1.4 성공하는 기업의 SCM 활동 12 2.2 협업시스템 16 2.2.1 협업 시스템의 정의 16 2.2.2 협업 시스템 구축시 고려사항 17 2.2.3 협업을 위한 SCM 구축 성공사례 18 2.3 정보공유시스템 22 2.3.1 전자적 정보 공유와 공급망 성과에 관련된 이론들 22 2.3.2 전자적 정보공유에 영향을 주는 요인들 23 2.3.3 모니터링 방법 26 2.3.4 사용자 제한 27 2.3.5 정보공유와 협업 시스템 27 Ⅲ 협력업체 포털구축과 설문 분석 28 3.1 협력업체 포털구축 28 3.1.1 포털 구축 필요성 28 3.1.2 포털 시스템 개발 29 3.1.3 협력업체 포털 소개 32 3.1.4 협력업체 포털 사용을 통한 기대 효과 39 3.2 설문조사 분석 42 3.2.1 포털 구축 성과 설문 분석 44 Ⅳ 결론 47 4.1 연구결과 47 4.2 연구의 한계 및 향후 연구 방향 47 참고문헌 49 부록 51
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