Identification of genes differentially expressed in human rectal carcinoma with microarray analysis

Identification of genes differentially expressed in human rectal carcinoma with microarray analysis
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Colon cancer and rectal cancer share many features and are often referred to as ‘colorectal cancer’. However, the issue whether colon and rectal cancer should be considered as a single or two distinct entities is still debated, and few studies have addressed genetic alterations of rectal cancer. Gene expression profile with use of microarray technology allows the investigation of the cell status on a molecular, genome-wide scale. The purpose of this study was to find novel gene(s) involved in the development of human rectal carcinoma. Using DNA microarrays, we identified 17 up-regulated and 14 down-regulated genes with at least 5-fold between the human rectal carcinomas and the adjacent normal rectal tissues. These included genes involved in extracellular matrix (ECM), breakdown of ECM, cell proliferation, differentiation, cell adhesion, metabolism, cell signaling, and transmembrane transport/channel. Furthermore, we validated the highly differential expression of 8 genes including 6 highly up-regulated genes (REG1, MMP3, MMP1, DSC3, DPEP1, and CLDN1) and 2 highly down-regulated genes (AQP8 and OGN) in human rectal tumor samples compared with their corresponding normal tissues. Our results showed the utility of gene expression analysis to study human rectal carcinoma, and we identified several genes that may play a role as potential therapeutic targets in the future.
Introduction 1 Methods 4 Patients and Total RNA Isolation 4 Microarray Analysis 4 RNA Extraction and cDNA Synthesis 6 Quantitative Real-Time RT-PCR 6 Cloning and Sequencing 7 Statistical Analysis 8 Results 11 Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in Rectal Carcinoma Based on Gene Expression Profiles 11 Real-Time RT-PCR Validation of Microarray Data 12 Dicussion 25 References 39
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