Journal Papers, Reports(건축공학 논문, 보고서)23

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11Experimental study for wind pressure loss rate through exterior venetian blind in cross ventilation조재훈
2015-09Method for increasing the energy dissipation capacity of T-stub connections양재근
2015-08Development of the Hybrid Operation Method of a Multi-Geothermal Heat Pump System and Absorption Chiller-Heater조재훈
2015-03A Comparative Study of Noise Elimination Algorithms for a 3D Terrain Model through Object Clustering and the Differential Method김영석
2015-03Wind Resistance Performance Analysis of Automated Exterior Wall Painting Robot for Apartment Buildings김영석
2015-02A Study on the Variation of Heating and Cooling Load According to the Use of Horizontal Shading and Venetian Blinds in Office Buildings in Korea조재훈
2015-02Development of Climate Indices Using Local Weather Data for Shading Design조재훈
2015-01Experimental Tests for the Evaluation of the Energy Dissipation Capacity of a Double Split Tee Connection with SMA Bolts양재근
2015-01Probabilistic performance assessment of gravity-designed steel frame buildings using buckling-restrained knee braces정성훈
2015-01Evaluation of the Reference Numerical Parameters of the Monthly Method in ISO 13790 Considering S/V Ratio조재훈
2014-07Prediction Models for the Initial Rotational Stiffness and Ultimate Plastic Moment for a Double Split Tee Connection양재근
2014-04An analysis model for wind resistance performance of automated exterior wall painting robots in apartment buildings김영석
2014-03Simulation technique-based sensitivity analysis on staircase construction process in high-rise building construction김영석; 한승우; 정성훈
2013-12Post-buckling analysis of space frames using concept of hybrid arc-length methods한상을
2013-11Analysis of the stress-erection process of Strarch frames considering the joint connection properties한상을
2013-11Analysis of stabilizing process for stress-erection of Strarch frame한상을
2013-11Improvement of window thermal performance using aerogel insulation film for building energy saving조재훈
2013Analysis of impact of large commercial aircraft on a prestressed containment building한상을
2013Seismic Displacement Demands on Skewed Bridge Decks Supported on Elastomeric Bearings정성훈
2013Feasibility of building envelope air leakage measurement using combination of air-handler and blower door조재훈