Multi-dimensional query authentication for on-line stream analytics

Multi-dimensional query authentication for on-line stream analytics
Bae, Hae-Young
Database outsourcing, multi-dimensional query authentication, on-line stream Analytics(OLSA), stream cube
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KSII Transactions on internet and information systems
Database outsourcing is unavoidable in the near future. In the scenario of data stream
outsourcing, the data owner continuously publishes the latest data and associated
authentication information through a service provider. Clients may register queries to the
service provider and verify the result's correctness, utilizing the additional authentication
information. Research on On-line Stream Analytics (OLSA) is motivated by extending the
data cube technology for higher multi-level abstraction on the low-level-abstracted data
streams. Existing work on OLSA fails to consider the issue of database outsourcing, while
previous work on stream authentication does not support OLSA. To close this gap and solve
the problem of OLSA query authentication while outsourcing data streams, we propose
MDAHRB and MDAHB, two multi-dimensional authentication approaches. They are based
on the general data model for OLSA, the stream cube. First, we improve the data structure of
the H-tree, which is used to store the stream cube. Then, we design and implement two
authentication schemes based on the improved H-trees, the HRB- and HB-trees, in accordance
with the main stream query authentication framework for database outsourcing. Along with a
cost models analysis, consistent with state-of-the-art cost metrics, an experimental evaluation
is performed on a real data set. It exhibits that both MDAHRB and MDAHB are feasible for
authenticating OLSA queries, while MDAHRB is more scalable.
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