Storage Location Planning of Assembly Blocks at Shipyard

Storage Location Planning of Assembly Blocks at Shipyard
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This thesis considers the problem of assigning assembly blocks used for building a ship to an assembly block stockyard at shipyard over a planning horizon while minimizing the number of obstructive blocks. The obstructive block implies ablock obstructing storage/retrieval of another block since the location with the block is on the way of another block’s storage/retrieval and thus, the obstructive block should be retrieved for a while from the location. Such unproductive tasks not only increase logistic cost but also influence on shipbuilding schedule. In fact, a non-linear model has been already suggested to solve the problem, but has the wrong process of obtaining a solution pointed out in this thesis. The purpose of this research is to suggest two integer program models and heuristic algorithms in order to solve the problem and show their performances over the existing genetic algorithm. To show the performance of the heuristic algorithms suggested, computational experiments were performed on randomly generated test instances. Results of the test showed that simulated annealing algorithm and improvement heuristic suggested in this thesis provided better solutions than the existing genetic algorithm within a short computation time.
Chapter 1 Introduction 1 1.1. Research Background 1 1.2. Overview of Shipbuilding Process 3 1.3. Research Motivation and Scope 5 Chapter 2 Literature Review 6 Chapter 3 Problem Description and Mathematical Model 10 3.1. Problem Description 10 3.2. Integer Programming Model with One Direction 11 3.3. Integer Programming Model with Multi-Directions 14 Chapter 4 Solution Algorithms 18 4.1. Construction Heuristic 18 4.2. Improvement Heuristic 19 4.3. Simulated Annealing 21 Chapter 5 Computational Experiments 23 Chapter 6 Conclusions 28 References 30 Appendices 32 Appendix A. Non-Linear Programming Model with One Direction 32 Appendix B. Non-Linear Programming Model with Multi-Directions 34 Appendix C. Counting Error in Previous Model 36
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