Logistics Security Assessment of Incheon Port Using AHP Method/

Logistics Security Assessment of Incheon Port Using AHP Method/
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To improve the efficiency of logistics and ensure safe logistics exchange, logistics security systems are implemented and practiced throughout the world. Since such security systems might become a trade barrier in the future, Korea must actively study and correspond to the security systems as soon as possible. However, security system research is still lacking, especially quantitative research or surveys on local port facilities and ships. To support the application of the security systems in Korea, this study visited the logistics companies(maritime transporters, contaniner terminals) and experts in Incheon Port, and using AHP, derived the security items with high importance level that the most urgent preparation for the authentication of the security systems. To understand the status of preparing for the security systems in Korea and evaluate the level of such preparation, the study also utilized interviews and questionnaires. And following results were obtained. The categories and items which each group thought relatively important were different. The summary of the importance level for each group is described below. First, expert groups evaluated ‘cargo management’ and ‘human resource and risk management’ as important categories. For specific items, they gave high points to
Chapter 1. Introduction = 1 Chapter 2. Supply Chain Security System = 8 2.1. Maritime Security Initiatives = 8 2.2. Supply Chain Security Management Framework = 11 2.3. Literature Review = 13 Chapter 3. Designing the Framework for an Evaluation of Supply Chain Security = 17 3.1. Framework Modeling = 17 3.2. Data Collection = 19 Chapter 4. Evaluating the Supply Chain Security of Incheon Port = 23 4.1. Analyzing the Importance of the Security Categories(Level1) = 23 4.2. Analyzing the Importance of the Security Items(Level2) = 27 4.3. Evaluating the Preparation Level for the Security System using the Likert Scale = 31 4.4. Analyzing the Result Values after Applying Weight (Status of Maritime Security System Preparation on Worksite) to the Importance of Items(Level2) = 55 4.5. Implication = 61 Chapter 5. Conclusion = 64 5.1. Reserch Sumary = 64 5.2. Limits = 66 Reference = 68
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