Analyzing impact of Financial Information Sharing on the Supply Chain Performance and Stability: System Dynamics Approach/

Analyzing impact of Financial Information Sharing on the Supply Chain Performance and Stability: System Dynamics Approach/
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The main streams of supply chain are defined as material, information and financial flow. There have been many studies and practical cases regarding the flow of material and information including information sharing. However, financial flow related studies have not been widely examined relatively, compared with the its importance. The information sharing is recognized as the method that can reduce the Bullwhip effect in the supply chain management. The author intends to analyze the impact of financial information sharing on the results of supply chain. In the point of supply chain risk management view, the author examined the impact of financial flow among the various factors that can impede the stability of supply chain. In this study, the author embodied the simulation regarding the impact of financial information flow on supply chain performance and stability, based on the system dynamics methodology and analyzed the performance. Assuming the supply chain, composed of supplying company, manufacturing company and sales company, the author embodied the simulation model and assumed that working capital and cash information sharing were achieved. The author embodied the model to affect the settlement condition according to the result of financial information sharing
1.Introduction 12 1.1Research Background 12 1.2Research Objectives 14 1.3Organization of the Research 14 2.Literature Review 15 2.1The Research on the Risk Management in SCM 16 2.2The Research on the Material and Information Flow 18 2.3The Research on the Financial Flow 21 2.4The Research on the SD and Financial Flow 23 2.5The Research on the System Dynamics 25 2.6Necessity of the Research 27 3.The Methodology 28 3.1Definition of System Dynamics 28 3.2Characteristic of System Dynamics 28 4.Simulation Modeling 30 4.1Basic Modeling Concept 30 4.2Design of Simulation 32 4.3Simulation Scenario 37 4.4Causal Loop Diagram 39 4.5Design of Performance Measurement 43 4.6PowerSim Simulation Model 44 5.Simulation Result Analysis 55 5.1Key Performance Index 55 5.2Simulation Result 57 5.3Analyzing Result of Financial Information Sharing 67 6.Conclusion 79 6.1Summary of Research Results 79 6.2Limitation of Reserch 80
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