Simulation-Based Analysis of Postponement Strategy Effect under Various Supply Chain Configurations/

Simulation-Based Analysis of Postponement Strategy Effect under Various Supply Chain Configurations/
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With the stream of time, business environment is growing complicated and consumers' wants diversified more and more landing corporations in a difficult situation to consider an assortment of various goods and a high level of service at the same time. But the production method with which supplies many types of products sustaining a high availability accompanies indispensable cost burden caused by inventory, and in case demand uncertainty is high, such cost increases more. So some corporations started to use "postponement" strategy which postpones the whole or a part of production process until the time when consumers' purchase are confirmed for a raise of service level and a cutdown of inventory costs, and various ways and views of studies on the postponement are under way centering around Europe and North America. But a recognition or systematic study on the postponement as a corporate strategy is unsatisfactory level yet, and it's also true to see any successful postponement case till now. Accordingly, this study aims to make up a framework which bolsters a decision making of postponement strategy enforcement on the basis of its previous quantitative study and in addition to it, to evaluate its effect in various market environments. And organizes a decision making model relat
Ⅰ. Introduction 1 1.1 Research Background 1 1.2 The Purpose of the Research 2 1.3 Organization of the Research 3 Ⅱ. Theoretical Background 5 2.1 Postponement Strategy 5 2.2 Inventory Management System 6 2.2.1 Push-Based Strategy 7 2.2.2 Pull-Based Strategy 8 2.3 Literature Review 9 Ⅲ. Model Construction 15 3.1 Problem Definition 15 3.2 Flowchart of the Simulation 17 3.2.1 Strategic Environment of Postponement 17 3.2.2 Replenishment Process 21 Ⅳ. Numerical Experiment 25 4.1 Numerical Design 25 4.2 Simulation on Non-Postponement and Postponement 27 Ⅴ. Simulation Result 29 5.1 Postponement Effect Corresponding to Demand uncertainty 30 5.2 The Postponement Effect by Production/Consumption District Production Cost Due to Uncertainty 30 5.3 Decision on a Differentiation Point under the Situation of a Fixed Transport Point 34 Ⅵ. Conclusion and Managerial 36 References 38
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