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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-06U doping effects in (Ce1-xUx)NiSnPark, JG.
2002Ulleung Warm Eddy와 겨울철 기상상태 및 여름철 대한해협 수송량과의 상관관계 =김대영
2001-09Ultraviolet photolysis of 1,6-methano[10]annulene generates the singlet methyleneCho, H.; Park, W.H.; Cho, S.H.
2014-06Ulvibacter marinus sp. nov., isolated from coastal seawater조장천
2015-03Under-ice measurements of suspended particulate matters using ADCP and LISST-Holo하호경
1999-07Unexpectedly large O37ClO/O35ClO intensity ratios of the fluorescenceChoi, Y.S.; Kim, S.K.
2013Unique continuation property for the anomalous diffusion and its application나까무라
2013Uniqueness and solution structure of nonlinear equations arising from the Chern-Simons gauged O(3) sigma models최광석
2001-08Vacuum-ultraviolet mass-analyzed threshold ionization spectra of iodobutane isomers: Conformer-specific ionization and ion-core dissociation followed by ionizationPark, S.T.; Kim, S.K.
2013Validation of self-reported height and weight in fifth-grade Korean children이수경
2014-04Valproic acid decreases cell proliferation and migration in the cerebellum of zebrafish larvae이창중
2013Valproic acid decreases the proliferation of telencephalic cells in zebrafish larvae이창중
2010Vanadium위층의 자성이 Pd(001) 표면 층의 완화에 미치는 영향에 대한 제일 원리 연구칼파나
2011Vector network analyzer 강자성 공명을 이용한 Nano-oxide층을 포함한 Py/Pd 이중층에서의 Spin-pumping 효과김덕호
2011Vector Network Analyzer 강자성 공명을 이용한 Py/Pd 이중박막의 역 스핀 홀 효과김홍현
2010Vector Network Analyzer를 이용한 Py 박막의 강자성공명신용확
2015-10Vertically aligned epitaxial KNbO3 nanorod array for piezoelectric energy harvester and second harmonic generator정종훈
2009-01Vibrational relaxation of trapped molecules in solid matrices: OH(A (2)Sigma(+);v=1)/ArRee, J.; Kim, Y.H.; Shin, H.K.
2006-08Vibrational structures of methylamine isotopomers in the predissociative (A)over-tilde states: CH3NHD, CD3NH2, CD3NHD, and CD3ND2Choi, Y.S.
2012Vibrio harveyi 성장저해 균의 선발 및 특성 규명최우영