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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Eco-friendly synthesis, characterization and properties of a sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/grapheme oxide nanocomposite film박수진
2010Ecology and Taxonomy of Ciliaates in Tidal Flats and Salt Ponds around Gyeonggi Bay, Yellow Sea류언립
2013Ecosystem responses to climate change in a large on-river reservoir, Lake Paldang, Korea조강현
2012ED-EPMA와 ATR-FT-IR imaging 분석법을 이용한 도시 대기입자 분석송영철
2013EDCs-induced glucocorticoid receptor related genes expression of the river pufferfish, Takifugu obscurus한경남
2000Eddy-resolving RG 모델에서의 동해의 경년 변동성 연구 =조경호
1995EduWare/Shell:지능형 교육 시스템 생성을 위한 프로토타입 저작 시스템 =윤경섭
2013Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded ice core홍성민
2015-12Effect of annealing temperature on exchange stiffness of CoFeB thin films유천열
2013Effect of carbonization temperature on electrical conductivity of carbon papers prepared from petroleum pitch-coated glass fibers박수진
2015-03Effect of cooling rate in [(Fe0.5Co0.5)0.75B0.2Si0.05]100-xNbx alloy system on magnetic properties유천열
2008-12Effect of ferromagnetic contacts on spin accumulation in an all-metallic lateral spin-valve system: Semiclassical spin drift-diffusion equationsKim TS; Lee BC; Lee HW
2008Effect of garlic on the blood lipid levels and physical properties of functional tofu added garlic and calcium lactate as a coagulant/정선희
2015-03Effect of N-(D-Ribopyranosyl)taurine Sodium Salt Supplementation on the Hepatic Antioxidant System in Rat Models of Diet-Induced and Taurine Deficiency장경자
2013Effect of Nano-Silica Spheres Template on CO2 Capture of Exchange Resin-Based Nanoporous Carbons박수진
2013Effect of nano-sized barium titanate addition on PEO/PVDF blend-based composite polymer electrolytes박수진
2006-06Effect of orbital rotation and mixing on the optical properties of orthorhombic RMnO3 (R=La, Pr, Nd, Gd, and Tb)Jung, J.H.
2014-10Effect of Soybean Lecithin on Iron-Catalyzed or Chlorophyll-Photosensitized Oxidation of Canola Oil Emulsion최은옥
2013Effect of structural change of pitch on the thermal conductivity of epoxy-based composites filled with heat-treated pitch박수진
2013Effect of surface modification of mesoporous carbon supports on the electrochemical activity of fuel cells박수진