Journal Papers, Reports(간호학 논문, 보고서)53

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Predictors of symptom experience in Korean patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy.김수현
2015-12Factors Affecting Underweight and Obesity Among Elementary School Children in South Korea함옥경
2015-10A study abroad program for Korean nursing students in the San Francisco Bay Area: A SWOT analysis안영미; 손민
2015-10A Comprehensive Review of Central Post-Stroke Pain오현수
2015-09The Effect of Provider Characteristics on the Responses to Medication-Related Decision Support Alerts조인숙
2015-09Development and Clinical Validity of a Mild Vascular Cognitive Impairment Assessment Tool for Korean Stroke Patients오현수
2015-09Lifestyle and Genetic Predictors of Stiffness Index in Community-dwelling Elderly Korean Men and Women서민희
2015-06Melatonin Reduces Hypoglycemia-Induced Neuronal Death in Rats손민
2015-06Post-traumatic growth in stomach cancer survivors: Prevalence, correlates and relationship with health-related quality of life이영휘; 김수현; 김화순
2015-06Psychometric Properties of the Korean Version of the "Patient Activation Measure 13" (PAM13-K) in Patients With Osteoarthritis함옥경
2015-06Racial/Ethnic Differences in Cardiovascular Symptoms in Four Major Racial/Ethnic Groups of Midlife Women: A Secondary Analysis함옥경
2015-06Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms in Four Ethnic Groups of Midlife Women함옥경
2015-06Nurses’ Educational Needs Assessment for Financial Management Education Using the Nominal Group Technique임지영
2015-05Inhibition of NADPH oxidase activation reduces EAE-induced white matter damage in mice손민
2015-04The effect of positive group psychotherapy on self-esteem and state anger among adolescents at Korean immigrant churches이은진
2015-03Two Methods of Cord Care in High-Risk Newborns: Their Effects on Hydration, Temperature, pH, and Floras of the Cord Area안영미; 손민
2015-01Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) adversely effects on pilocarpine seizure-induced hippocampal neuronal death손민
2014-12Understanding physicians' behavior toward alerts about nephrotoxic medications in outpatients: a cross-sectional analysis조인숙
2014-12Understanding the Nature of Medication Errors in an ICU with a Computerized Physician Order Entry System조인숙
2014-10EAAC1 Gene Deletion Increases Neuronal Death and Blood Brain Barrier Disruption after Transient Cerebral Ischemia in Female Mice손민