Journal Papers, Reports(간호학 논문, 보고서)75

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Are We Heeding the Warning Signs? Examining Providers’ Overrides of Computerized Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts in Primary Care조인숙
2013Copper/zinc chelation by clioquinol reduces spinal cord white matter damage and behavioral deficits in a murine MOG-induced multiple sclerosis model손민
2013Factors Influencing Health-Related Quality of Life of Overweight and Obese Children in South Korea함옥경
2013Growth patterns and their implications for preterm infants in a culture of rapid modernization손민; 안영미
2013Factors Associated With Screen Time Among School-Age Children in Korea함옥경
2013Impairment of Autophagic Flux Promotes Glucose Reperfusion-Induced Neuro2A Cell Death after Glucose Deprivation손민
2013Low bone density in breast cancer survivors in Korea: Prevalence, risk factors and associations with health-related quality of life김수현
2013Perception and Needs in Health Education Curriculum Among School Nurses as Health Teachers in Korea함옥경
2013Pyruvate Administration Reduces Recurrent/Moderate Hypoglycemia-Induced Cortical Neuron Death in Diabetic Rats손민
2013Weight Gain and Its Correlates among Breast Cancer Survivors김수현
2013Using electronic health records to address overweight and obesity: a systematic review조인숙
2013Using EHR data to predict hospital-acquired pressure ulcers: A prospective study of a Bayesian Network model조인숙
2013Therapeutic Lifestyle Modification Program Reduces Plasma Levels of the Chemokines CRP and MCP-1 in Subjects With Metabolic Syndrome김수현
2013The problem-based learning integrated with simulation to improve nursing students’ self-efficacy안영미
2013patterns and clinical correlates of pain among brain injury patients in critical care Assessed with the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool오현수
2013The Effects of Community Based Visiting Care on the Quality of Life임지영
2013Post-treatment of an NADPH oxidase inhibitor prevents seizure-induced neuronal death손민
2013Patterns and Clinical Correlates of Pain Among Brain Injury Patients in Critical Care Assessed with the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool서화숙
2013Integrative Smoking Cessation Stage Model for Chinese Students Studying in Korea서화숙; 오현수
2007-04Sphingosine 1-phosphate triggers apoptotic signal for 1316 melanoma cells via ERK and caspase activationShin, J.H.; Choi, G.S