Journal Papers, Reports(전자공학 논문, 보고서)173

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014User Adaptive and Fair Broadcasting in an Error-Prone Environment김덕환
2013A Content-Adaptive Sharpness Enhancement Algorithm using 2D FIR Filters Trained by Pre-Emphasis송병철
2013Active and Passive Vegetated Surface Models With Rough Surface Boundary Conditions From NMM3D고일석
2013improved digital redesign: integral approach이호재
2013Modified segmental signal-to-noise ratio reflecting spectral masking effect for evaluating the performance of hearing aid algorithms이상민
2013Multi-Sensor Fusion with Interacting Multiple Model Filter for Improved Aircraft Position Accuracy최상방
2013Design of similarity measure for discrete data and application to multi-dimension이상민
2013An Indoor Human Activity Recognition System for Smart Home Using Local Binary Pattern Features with Hidden Markov Models김덕환
2013Novel Fairness Improved Radio Resource Management Schemes for Best-Effort Service in OFDMA Systems장경희
2013Optimal allocation of random access period for wireless body area network최상방
2013Video Deblurring Algorithm Using Accurate Blur Kernel Estimation and Residual Deconvolution Based on a Blurred-Unblurred Frame Pair송병철
2013Uniform bounds of first-order Marcum Q-function고일석; 장성필
2013Synthesis, structure, and UV-enhanced gas sensing properties of Au-functionalized ZnS nanowires이상민
2013Synthesis and ethanol sensing properties of CuO nanorods coated with In2O3이상민
2013Speech enhancement through voice activity detection using speech absence probability based on Teager energy이상민
2013Optimal Reference Vector Selection Algorithm in Subspace Interference Alignment to Maximize System Throughput장경희
2013Comparison of wrist motion classification methods using surface electromyogram이상민
2011-03Scaling Factors of ID-FDTD Scheme for Dispersive Media Based on the Auxiliary Differential Equation (ADE) MethodDeng, Pingping; Zhao, Meng; Koh, Il-Suek
2010-10Enhanced Total-Field/Scattered-Field Technique for Isotropic-Dispersion FDTD SchemeKim, Hyun; Koh, Il-Suek; Yook, Jong-Gwan
2010-06Simple Expression of Ergodic Capacity for Rician Fading ChannelKoh, Il-Suek; Hwang, Taewon