Journal Papers, Reports(컴퓨터정보공학 논문, 보고서)101

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12SER Analysis of Scheduled TAS With MRC in the Presence of Non-Identical Channel Estimation Errors노영태
2015-12UOIT Keyboard: A Constructive Keyboard for Small Touchscreen Devices양대헌
2015-12Immersive Dissection Simulator Using Multiple Volume Rendering신병석
2015-12Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System based on NoSQL신병석
2015-11Program-Invariant Checking for Soft-Error Detection using Reconfigurable Hardware박준석
2015-11Software-Defined Underwater Acoustic Networking Platform and its Applications노영태
2015-11Adaptive Power Saving Method for Mobile Walking Guidance Device Using Motion Context신병석; 송민석
2015-06Short Dynamic Group Signature Scheme Supporting Controllable Linkability양대헌
2015-06Internal Topology Based Flexible Shortest Path Planning Method for Indoor Navigation신병석
2015-06Improved batch verification of signatures using generalized sparse exponents이문규
2015-06Predicting protein-binding RNA nucleotides with consideration of binding partners한경숙
2015-03Context-Aware Navigation Element for Collaborative Nonlinear Video Authoring Tool조근식
2015-03Alleviating the cold-start problem by incorporating movies facebook pages조근식
2015-03Ontology-based quantitative similarity metric for event matching in publish/subscribe system강상길
2015-02Real-Time Projection-Based Augmented Reality System for Dynamic Objects in the Performing Arts신병석
2015-02A fast algorithm for order-preserving pattern matching심정섭
2015-02Transaction authentication using complementary colors양대헌; 이문규
2015-02Scheduling a Video Transcoding Server to Save Energy송민석
2015-02Grain-oriented segmentation of images of porous structures using ray casting and curvature energy minimization이상철
2015-01Multiple texture mapping of alveolar bone area for implant treatment in prosthetic dentistry신병석