Journal Papers, Reports(컴퓨터정보공학 논문, 보고서)79

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12DBBP: database of binding pairs in protein-nucleic acid interactions한경숙
2014-11Balancing Energy Use against Video Quality in Mobile Devices송민석
2014-08Sequence-based prediction of protein-binding sites in DNA: Comparative study of two SVM models한경숙
2014-08Indexing and querying algorithm based on structure indexing for managing massive-scale RDF data강상길
2014-07Dynamic sampling-based interpolation algorithm for representation of clickable moving object in collaborative video annotation조근식
2014-07Semantic similarity method for keyword query system on RDF강상길
2014-06Real-Time Tracking and Recognition Systems for Interactive Telemedicine Health Services이정현
2014-05Efficient facial landmark localization using spatial-contextual AdaBoost algorithm이필규
2014-05Mouth Tracking for Hands-free Robot Control Systems이필규
2014-05A Wearable Guidance System Incorporating Multiple Sensors for Visually Impaired Persons신병석
2014-04Discovering Frequent Patterns by Constructing Frequent Pattern Network over Data Streams in E-Marketplaces조근식
2014-04A new graph model and algorithms for consistent superstring problems심정섭
2014-02Keylogging-Resistant Visual Authentication Protocols양대헌
2014-02Two-factor face authentication using matrix permutation transformation and a user password양대헌
2014-02Security Notions and Advanced Method for Human Shoulder-Surfing Resistant PIN-Entry이문규
2014-01Saving Disk Energy in Video Servers by Combining Caching and Prefetching송민석
2014-01An Efficient Localization Method Based on Adaptive Optimal Sensor Placement이상철
2013-09Adaptive mining prediction model for content recommendation to coronary heart disease patients이종식
2013-09An image division approach for volume ray casting in multi-threading environment신병석
2013-07Laparoscopic and endoscopic exploration of the ascending colon wall based on a cadaver sectioned images신병석