Journal Papers, Reports(해양과학 논문, 보고서)31

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Historical reconstruction of anthropogenic mercury input from sedimentary records: Yeongsan Estuary, South Korea이관홍
2015-12Seasonal cycle of volume transport through Kerama Gap revealed by a 20-year global HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model reanalysis박재훈
2015-11Mechanism for sediment convergence in the anthropogenically altered microtidal Nakdong estuary, South Korea이관홍
2015-11Mineral dust and major ion concentrations in snowpit samples from the NEEM site, Greenland홍성민
2015-10Entrainment induced by near-inertial drift of sea ice and its impact on under-ice biogeochemical processes in marginal ice zones박재훈; 하호경
2015-10Microzooplankton community structure and grazing impact on major phytoplankton in the Chukchi Sea and the western Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean하호경
2015-10Characteristics of mesozooplankton sound-scattering layer in the Pacific Summer Water, Arctic Ocean하호경
2015-10Bacterial communities along stratified water columns at the Chukchi Borderland in the western Arctic Ocean하호경
2015-10Factors Influencing the Spatial Variation of Microplastics on High-Tidal Coastal Beaches in Korea우승범
2015-09Seasonal variation in the input of atmospheric selenium to northwestern Greenland snow홍성민
2015-08Determination of lead isotopes in a new Greenland deep ice core at the sub-picogram per gram level by thermal ionization mass spectrometry using an improved decontamination method홍성민
2015-07Disintegration and acceleration of Thwaites Ice Shelf on the Amundsen Sea revealed from remote sensing measurements하호경
2015-05Stochastic Flocculation Model for Cohesive Sediment Suspended in Water이관홍
2015-04Delayed responses of the oceanic Beaufort Gyre to winds and sea ice motions: influences on variations of sea ice cover in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean하호경
2015-03Under-ice measurements of suspended particulate matters using ADCP and LISST-Holo하호경
2015-01Acoustic backscatter observations with implications for seasonal and vertical migrations of zooplankton and nekton in the Amundsen shelf (Antarctica)하호경
2015-01High density of ice krill (Euphausia crystallorophias) in the Amundsen sea coastal polynya, Antarctica하호경
2014-09Sedimentary impacts of anthropogenic alterations on the Yeongsan Estuary, South Korea이관홍
2014-08[The Arctic] Ocean Temperature and Salinity [in “State of the Climate in 2013”]하호경
2014-05Seasonal variations in the sources of natural and anthropogenic lead deposited at the East Rongbuk Glacier in the high-altitude Himalayas홍성민