Journal Papers, Reports(기계공학 논문, 보고서)588

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An Investigation on Dynamic Signals of MFC and PVDF Sensors: Experimental Work최승복
2013An inertia-type hybrid mount combining a rubber mount and a piezostack actuator for naval shipboard equipment최승복
2013A new method for beam-damage-diagnosis using adaptive fuzzy neural structure and wavelet analysis최승복
2013Comparative study on performance of a zigzag printed circuit heat exchanger with various channel shapes and configurations김광용
2013Improving sensitivity of piezoresistive microcantilever biosensors using stress concentration region designs조종두
2013Performance of virtually non-flammable azeotropic HFO1234yf/HFC134a mixture for HFC134a applications정동수
2013Aerodynamic analysis and optimization of a transonic axial compressor with casing grooves to improve operating stability김광용
2013Performance analysis and design optimization of micro-jet impingement heat sink김광용
2013Multi-objective optimization of a double-faced type printed circuit heat exchanger김광용
2013A numerical investigation of hydrogen absorption phenomena in thin double-layered annulus ZrCo beds주현철
2013Coupled mechanical stress and multi-dimensional CFD analysis for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (HT-PEMFCs)주현철
2013Numerical modeling and investigation of gas crossover effects in high temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells주현철
2013Multi-Objective Optimization of a Row of Film Cooling Holes Using an Evolutionary Algorithm and Surrogate Modeling김광용
2013Compliant bistable mechanism for low frequency vibration energy harvester inspired by auditory hair bundle structures김재환
2013Effect of various gas compositions on gas interchangeability and combustion characteristics for domestic appliances이창언
2013Study on the combustion characteristics of a premixed combustion system with exhaust gas recirculation이창언
2013Electromagnetic nanocomposite of bacterial cellulose using magnetite nanoclusters and polyaniline김재환
2013Remotely powered and controlled EAPap actuator by amplitude modulated microwaves김재환
2013Parametric study on a forward-curved blades centrifugal fan with an impeller separated by an annular plate김광용
2013Numerical and experimental investigation on labyrinth seal mechanism for bypass flow reduction in prismatic VHTR core김광용