Journal Papers, Reports(사회인프라공학 논문, 보고서)24

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10Future Climate Data from RCP 4.5 and Occurrence of Malaria in Korea김형수
2014-09A Regionalization of Downscaled GCM Data Considering Geographical Features in a Mountainous Area김형수
2014-08Noise Reduction Analysis of Radar Rainfall Using Chaotic Dynamics and Filtering Techniques김형수
2014-07Assessment of future water resources and water scarcity considering the factors of climate change and social-environmental change in Han River basin, Korea김형수
2014-07Sensitivity of Subjective Decisions in the GLUE Methodology for Quantifying the Uncertainty in the Flood Inundation Map for Seymour Reach in Indiana, USA김형수
2014-07Long-Term Assessment of an Innovative Mangrove Rehabilitation Project: Case Study on Carey Island, Malaysia송기일
2014-05Development of high performance asphalt mastic using fine taconite filler정진훈
2014-05Identification of applications of mobile devices to improve airport BHS maintenance신도형
2014-05Non-destructive testing methods in the US for bridge inspection and maintenance신도형
2014-05Comparison of performance of overlay pavements constructed on deteriorated concrete pavements using LTPP database정진훈
2014-05Prediction of subgrade resilient modulus using artificial neural network정진훈
2014-05Utilization of Geotextile Tube for Sandy and Muddy Coastal Management: A Review송기일
2014-04Testing and analysis of viscoelastic characteristics of solidifying concrete pavement slabs정진훈
2014-04Evaluation of drought and flood risks in a multipurpose dam under climate change: a case study of Chungju Dam in Korea김형수
2014-04Precutting of tunnel perimeter for reducing blasting-induced vibration and damaged zone - numerical analysis송기일
2014-03Simulation technique-based sensitivity analysis on staircase construction process in high-rise building construction우성권
2014-03Identification of IT application areas and potential solutions for perception enhancement to improve construction safety신도형
2014-01Testing and modelling of friction characteristics between concrete slab and subbase layers정진훈
2014-01Characteristics of failure surfaces induced by embankments on soft ground송기일
2013-12Effect of temperature-induced load on airport concrete pavement behavior정진훈