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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2101-40-04An in vitro comparative study of T2 and T2* mappings of human articular cartilage at 3-Tesla MRI using histology as the standard of reference김학일
2016-03Residual ultimate strength of a very large crude carrier considering probabilistic damage extents정준모
2016-03Numerical simulations of two-dimensional floating breakwaters in regular waves using fixed cartesian grid이영길
2016-01Exogenous Sodium Pyruvate Stimulates Adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 Cells조형진
2016합의 알고리즘 기반 다중 마이크로그리드의 분산 협조 제어 기법이상지
2015-12Enabling high-mobility, ambipolar charge-transport in a DPP-benzotriazole copolymer by side-chain engineering이진균
2015-12Halloysite nanotubes as a stabilizer: fabrication of thermally expandable microcapsules via Pickering suspension polymerization백성현; 심상은
2015-12Immobilization of myoglobin on Au nanoparticle-decorated carbon nanotube/tyramine composite as a mediator-free H2O2 and nitrite biosensor허윤석
2015-12High-performance supercapacitor based on three-dimensional MoS2/graphene aerogel composites허윤석
2015-12Thermodynamic Insights and Conceptual Design of Skin-Sensitive Chitosan Coated Ceramide/PLGA Nanodrug for Regeneration of Stratum Corneum on Atopic Dermatitis신화성
2015-12Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalysis안화승
2015-12Porous three-dimensional graphene foam/Prussian blue composite for efficient removal of radioactive 137Cs허윤석
2015-12Selective silver ion adsorption onto mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride허윤석
2015-12SER Analysis of Scheduled TAS With MRC in the Presence of Non-Identical Channel Estimation Errors노영태
2015-12UOIT Keyboard: A Constructive Keyboard for Small Touchscreen Devices양대헌
2015-12Simplified algorithms for rate-distortion optimization in high efficiency video coding이채은
2015-12Immersive Dissection Simulator Using Multiple Volume Rendering신병석
2015-123D holographic head mounted display using holographic optical elements with astigmatism aberration compensation박재형
2015-12Location-Aware WBAN Data Monitoring System based on NoSQL신병석
2015-12Feature description using local neighborhoods박인규