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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2101-40-04An in vitro comparative study of T2 and T2* mappings of human articular cartilage at 3-Tesla MRI using histology as the standard of reference김학일
2016-03Numerical simulations of two-dimensional floating breakwaters in regular waves using fixed cartesian grid이영길
2016-03Residual ultimate strength of a very large crude carrier considering probabilistic damage extents정준모
2016합의 알고리즘 기반 다중 마이크로그리드의 분산 협조 제어 기법이상지
2015-02Design of a New 4-DOF Haptic Master Featuring Magnetorheological Fluid최승복
2015-02Wheel Slip Control of Vehicle ABS Using Piezoactuator-Based Valve System최승복
2015-02Study on the Control Algorithm of Two-Stage DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles조종두
2015-01ロータス型ポーラス・ステンレス鋼の腐食挙動と 生体親和性현승균
2015-01Comparison of the characteristics of granular propellant movement in interior ballistics based on the interphase drag model노태성
2015-01Poly(4-vinylphenol-co-methyl methacrylate)/Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite Gate Insulators for 6,13-Bis(triisopropylsilylethynyl)-Pentacene Thin-film Transistors최형진
2015-01Experimental Tests for the Evaluation of the Energy Dissipation Capacity of a Double Split Tee Connection with SMA Bolts양재근
2015-01Features of data management in PLM customised for ship design adopting engineering to order strategy이장현
2014-12Pikromycin Production Stimulation through Antibiotic Down-regulatory Gene Disruption in Streptomyces venezuelae김응수
2014-12X-선 투과검사를 이용한 저항 점용접부 품질평가기법김목순
2014-12Sol-gel 법을 이용한 내오염 반사방지 코팅막 제조현승균
2014-12Hydroxyapatite 분위기 소결을 통한 지르코니아 표면 경도 강화정대용
2014-12PZT/PVDF 나노섬유의 전기방사 조건 최적화정대용
2014-12부직포 지오텍스타일의 공학적 특성 분석에 의한 필터재 적용성 평가전한용
2014-12야간도로 시인성에 대한 공간적 평가를 위한 자료관리체계 연구김병국
2014-12Development and Positioning Accuracy Assessment of Precise Point Positioning Algorithms Based on GLONASS Code-Pseudorange Measurements박관동