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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02Accuracy improvement of protrusion angle of carbon nanotube tips by precision multiaxis nanomanipulatorSong, W.Y.; Jung, K.Y.; O, B.H.; Park, B.C.
2008-04Alignment of cellulose chains of regenerated cellulose by corona poling and its piezoelectricityYun, S.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, J.
2006-11Analytic expression for the temperature of the current-heated nanowire for the current-induced domain wall motionYou, C.Y.; Sung, I.M.; Joe, B.K.
2007-10Asymptotic behavior of condensate solutions in the Chern-Simons-Higgs theoryChoe, K.
2009-07Characterization of flow pattern past two spheres in proximityYoon, D.H.; Yang, K.S.
2007-08Classical trajectory study of the formation of XeH+ and XeCl+ in the Xe++HCl collisionKim, Y.H.
2006-02Collision-induced dissociation of transition metal-oxide ions: Dynamics of VO+ collision with XeRee, J.; Kim, Y.H.; Shin, H.K.
2005-06Combinatorial electrochemical synthesis and screening of Pt-WO3 catalysts for electro-oxidation of methanolJayaraman, S.; Baeck, S.H.; Jaramillo, T.F.; Kleiman-Shwarsctein, A.; McFarland, E.W.
2009-05Comparison of output power of InGaN laser diodes for different Al compositions in the AlGaN n-cladding layerRyu, H.Y.
2009-05Competition between structural distortion and magnetic moment formation in fullerene C-20Lee, J.I.
2006-08Confined magnetic stray field from a narrow domain wallYou, C.Y.
2005-07Controlling fluorescence lifetime of rare-earth element in amorphous inorganic solids via very small compositional adjustmentsKim, K.H.
2007-05Current-induced magnetic switching in nanopillar spin-valve systems with double free layersYou, C.Y.; Choe, S.B.; Lee, J.C.
2000-12Dimensional crossover of diffusion-limited reaction in a quasi-one-dimensional latticeLee, J.W.
2010-06Enhancement of electroluminescence in GaN-based light-emitting diodes by metallic nanoparticlesSung, J.H.; Yang, J.S.; Kim, B.S.; Choi, C.H.; Lee, M.W.; Lee, S.G.; Park, S.G.; Lee, E.H.; O, B.H.
2009-04Exchange bias and compositional depth profiles of annealed NiFe/FeMn/CoFe trilayersChoi, H.C.; You, C.Y.
2004-08Experimental demonstration of all-optical 1x2 quantum routingHam, B.S.
2009-04Extraordinary optical properties of a superconducting periodic multilayer in near-zero-permittivity operation rangeHwangbo, C.K.
2007-05Fabrication and analysis of one-dimensional defect-induced ultrawide photonic band gapsHwangbo, C.K.
2003-05Ferroelectric behavior of orientation-controlled PbBi4Ti4O15 thin filmsFerroelectric behavior of orientation-controlled PbBi4Ti4O15 thin films
2006-04First-principles study on half-metallicity at surface and interface of zinc-blende CrS/GaAs(001)Byun, Y.; Lee, J.I.
2007-09Flow-induced forces on two nearby spheresYoon, D.H.; Yang, K.S.
1999-04Fluorescence excitation spectroscopic study of the jet-cooled acetyl cyanideChoi, Y.S.; Kim, S.K.
2007-01Heat capacity in magnetic and electric fields near the ferroelectric transition in triglycine sulfateLashley, J.C.; Hundley, M.F.; Mihaila, B.; Smith, J.L.; Opeil, C.P.; Finlayson, T.R.; Fisher, R.A.; Hur, N.
2006-09Inherent nanoscale bend of crystal lattice in Fe-doped calcium copper titanateChung, S.Y.; Choi, S.Y.; Yamamoto, T.; Ikuhara, Y.
2006-11Initial cation stoichiometry and current-voltage behavior in Sc-doped calcium copper titanateChung, S.Y.; Lee, S.I.; Choi, J.H.
2006-06Irreversible extinction of ferroelectric polarization in P(VDF-TrFE) thin films upon melting and recrystallizationPark, Y.J.; Kang, S.J.; Park, C.; Kim, K.J.; Lee, H.S.; Lee, M.S.; Chung, U.I.; Park, I.J.
2007-10Linear and nonlinear optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals containing ZnO defectsJung, S.G.; Hwangbo, C.K.
2007-01Local Hall effect in hybrid ferromagnetic/semiconductor devicesHong, J.; Joo, S.; Kim, T.S.; Rhie, K.; Kim, K.H.; Kim, S.U.; Lee, B.C.; Shin, K.H.
2007-05Magnetic behavior of mixture of magnetic ionic liquid [bmim]FeCl4 and water 10.1063/1.2710462You, C.Y.; Ha, S.S.
2008-11Magnetic field effect for cellulose nanofiber alignmentKim, J.; Kang, K.S.
2002-12Magnetization reversal measurements in Gd/Fe multilayer antidot arrays by vector magnetometry using x-ray magnetic circular dichroismYou, C.Y.
2007-11Magnetodielectric coupling in core/shell BaTiO3/gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticlesKoo, Y.S.; Bonaedy, T.; Sung, K.D.; Jung, J.H.; Yoon, J.B.; Jo, Y.H.; Jung, M.H.; Lee, H.J.; Koo, T.Y.; Jeong, Y.H.
2007-07Magnetodielectric effect in BaTiO3-LaMnO3 compositesKim, N.G.; Koo, Y.S.; Won, C.J.; Hur, N.; Jung, J.H.
2009-04Magnetorheological carbonyl iron particles doubly wrapped with polymer and carbon nanotubeKo, S.W.; Lim, J.Y.; Park, B.J.; Yang, M.S.; Choi, H.J.
2008-05Measurement of optical loss variation on thickness of InGaN optical confinement layers of blue-violet-emitting laser diodesRyu, H.Y.
2009-05Modeling of electromechanical behavior of chitosan-blended cellulose electroactive paper (EAPap)Jang, S.D.; Kim, J.H.; Kim, J.
2006-03Nonadiabatic dynamics in the photodissociation of ICH2CN at 266 and 304 nm studied by the velocity map imagingLee, K.S.; Lim, J.S.; Ahn, D.S.; Choi, K.W.; Kim, S.K.; Choi, Y.S.
2008-04Noncovalent self-assembly of carbon nanotube wrapped carbonyl iron particles and their magnetorheologyChoi, H.J.
2004-07Numerical Study of Vortical Structures around a Wall-Mounted Cubic Obstacle in Channel FlowYang, K.S.
1999-06Photodissociation dynamics of Acetylacetone: the OH product state distributionChoi, YS
2007-10Photoluminescence in phosphorous-implanted ZnO filmsPark, J.Y.; Kim, S.S.
2009-04Predicted half-metallicity with no net magnetization in Ca0.75Cr0.25As from a first-principles studyLee, J.I.
2003-08Reduction of flow-induced forces on a circular cylinder using a detached splitter plateYang, K.S.
2007-09Resistive magnetodielectric property of polycrystalline gamma-Fe2O3Bonaedy, T.; Koo, Y.S.; Sung, K.D.; Jung, J.H.
2005-05Role of organic coating on carbonyl iron suspended particles in magnetorheological fluidsJang, I.B.; Kim, H.B.; Lee, J.Y.; You, J.L.; Choi, H.J.
2007-04Self-oscillating electroactive polymer actuatorKim, D.; Kim, K.J.; Tak, Y.
2000-08Semiempirical tight binding method study of small Ge and Sn clustersJo, C.; Lee, K.
2008-03Simulation studies of internal mechanisms in the static deflection of a cellulose electroactive paper actuatorJang, S.D.; Kim, J.
2006-03Spatiotemporal quantum manipulation of traveling light: Quantum transportHam, B.S.
2007-07Spin accumulation in lateral all-ferromagnetic spin valvesLee, B.C.; Kim, T.S.; Rhie, K.; Hong, J.K.
2009-04Spin wave quantization in continuous film with stripe domainsHa, S.S.; Yoon, J.; Lee, S.; You, C.Y.
2006-04Stability enhancement of nanopillar structure for spin transfer magnetization switching using IrMn buffer layerLee, J.C.; You, C.Y.
2010-07Strong spin-lattice coupling in multiferroic hexagonal manganite YMnO3 probed by ultrafast optical spectroscopyJang, K.J.; Lee, H.G.; Lee, S.; Ahn, J.; Ahn, J.S.; Hur, N.; Cheong, S.W.
2007-03Surface electronic structure and magnetism of NiAs structured MnAs(0001) and MnSb(0001)Lee, J.I.
2010-05Temperature dependence of magnetization reversal processes in exchange-spring magnetsGu, J.Y.; Burgess, J.; You, C.Y.
2007-07Temperature increment in a current-heated nanowire for current-induced domain wall motion with finite thickness insulator layerYou, C.Y.; Ha, S.S.
2007-08Tunable current-voltage characteristics in polycrystalline calcium copper titanateChung, S.Y.; Choi, J.H.; Choi, J.K.
2002-03Turbulent flow around a rotating stepped cylinderYang, K.S.
1999-07Unexpectedly large O37ClO/O35ClO intensity ratios of the fluorescenceChoi, Y.S.; Kim, S.K.