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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12경로당 이용 노인의 인지기능장애 위험요인이영휘; 김화순
2015-12국내 제조업에 대한 비가격 신재생에너지의 암묵가격, 대체가능성, 생산성 파급효과 분석이명헌
2015-12배기가스 재순환을 적용한 하이브리드 연소시스템에 대한 기초 연구이창언
2015-12Shape-Dependent Resistances of Ni Cr and Ta N Thin Films for Sensor Applications조종두
2015-12Multimodal Multi-Channel On-Line Speaker Diarization Using Sensor Fusion Through SVM이보원
2015-12A New Center-Tapped Half-Bridge Zeta Converter With Small Transformer DC-Offset Current and Low Voltage Stress김재국
2015-12Integrated Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Zeta (AHBZ) Converter for DC/DC Stage of LED Driver With Wide Output Voltage Range and Low Output Current김재국
2015-12Biohydrogen production by dark fermentation: scaling-up and technologies integration for a sustainable system김동훈
2015-12Use of Oil-in-water Pickering Emulsion Stabilized by Nanoparticles in Combination With Polymer Flood for Enhanced Oil Recovery전보현
2015-12Multi-Agent System-Based Microgrid Operation Strategy for Demand Response원동준
2015-12Excellent gas detection of ZnO nanofibers by loading with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets김상섭
2015-12Erasure Codes Encoding Performance enhancing Techniques using GPGPU based Non-sparse Coding Vector in Storage Systems김덕환
2015-12Power headroom report-based uplink power control in 3GPP LTE-A HetNet장경희
2015-12A simplified nonlinear regression method for human height estimation in video surveillance김학일
2015-12Prostate-specific antigen kinetics after stereotactic body radiotherapy as monotherapy or boost after whole pelvic radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer김우철; 김헌정
2015-12차세대 전자간호기록 시스템 유스케이스 개발: 업무흐름 분석과 전문가 델파이 기법 적용조인숙
2015-12융합산업 관련 법제도 비교를 통한 공간정보융합산업 지원방안김병국
2015-12단일만성질환과 복합만성질환 의료급여수급자의 사례관리요구도 비교함옥경
2015-12역전기습윤현상을 이용한 소형 에너지 수확장치김선민; 전태준
2015-11Factors affecting the development of hub airport clusters: focusing on the roles of low-cost carriers in the Asia-pacific region김태승