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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adsorptive removal of arsenate and orthophosphate anions by mesoporous alumina안화승
2008Adsorptive removal of carbon dioxide using polyethyleneimine-loaded mesoporous silica materials안화승
2009Amine-impregnated silica monolith with a hierarchical pore structure: enhancement of CO2 capture capacityChen, C.; Yang, S.T.; Ahn, W.S.; Ryoo, R.
2009Amine-impregnated silica monolith with a hierarchical pore structure; enhancement of CO2 capture capacity안화승
1999Biphasic coupling polymerization of 2 6-dimethylphenol using surface active copper catalysts안화승
2010Carbon dioxide capture using amine-impregnated HMS having textural mesoporosity안화승
2005Catalytic properties of Ti-HMS with high titanium loadings안화승
2010CO2 adsorption over ion-exchanged zeolite beta with alkali and alkaline earth metal ions안화승
2008CO2 adsorption using amine-functionalized mesoporous silica prepared via anionic surfactant mediated synthesis안화승
2010CO2 retention ability on alkali cation exchanged titanium silicate, ETS-10안화승
2005Controlled Polymerization in Mesoporous Silica toward the Design of Organic-Inorganic Composite Nanoporous Materials안화승
2010CrAPO-5 catalysts having a hierarchical pore structure for the selective oxidation of tetralin to 1-tetralone안화승
2004Crystallization of zeolite L from Na2O?K2O?Al2O3?SiO2?H2O system안화승
2008Electroactive response of mesoporous silica and its nanocomposites with conducting polymers안화승
2007Electrorheological characteristics of conducting polypyrrole/swollen MCM-41 nanocomposite안화승
2000Electrorheological properties of a suspension of a mesoporous molecular sieve (MCM-41)안화승
2009Electrorheology of a mesoporous silica having conducting polypyrrole inside expanded pores안화승
2010Enhanced adsorptive removal of fluoride using mesoporous alumina안화승
2004Enhanced Electrorheology of Conducting Polyaniline Confined in MCM-41 Channels안화승
2005Extensions in the synthesis and catalytic application of titanium silicalite-1안화승
2010Facile synthesis of MOF-177 by a sonochemical method using 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone as a solvent안화승
1999Homogeneous and biphasic autoxidation of tetralin catalyzed by transition metal salts and complexes안화승
2008Hydrothermal synthesis of zeolite L in a Na+/K+ mixed alkali system안화승
2004Influence of synthesis parameters on the morphology and particle size distribution of zeolite L안화승
2007Magnetorheology of carbonyl-iron suspension with iron-mcm-41 additive안화승
1999A mathematical model of a monolith catalytic incinerator안화승
2008Metal?organic framework MOF-5 prepared by microwave heating: Factors to be considered안화승
1999Microwave Heating을 이용한 zeolite 분자체의 합성안화승
2004-05Microwave Synthesis of TiTanium Silicalite-1 Using Solid Phase PrecursorsPark, D.W.; Ahn, W.S.; Lee, C.M.; Oh, J.H.
2004Microwave Synthesis of Titanium Silicalite-1 Using Solid Phase Precursors안화승
2008Morphology control of MSU-1 silica particles안화승
2003New enantioselective chiral imidazolidine ligands for Pd-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation안화승
1998Ni/KIT-1 촉매를 이용한 메탄의 이산화탄소 개질반응 연구안화승
2000Organic/aqueous interfacial synthesis of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) using surface-active copper complex catalysts안화승
2002p-Cresol autoxidation using CoAPO-5 prepared by microwave heating of the precursor gel: comparison with homogeneous and biphasic reaction schemes using cobalt salt or complex catalysts안화승
2008Phase transition of mesoporous SiO2 impregnated with an organic templating agent by post-synthetic microwave heating안화승
2005Phenol hydroxylation using Fe-MCM-41 catalysts안화승
2000Physiochemical properties of transition metal-grafted MCM-48 prepared using matallocene precursors안화승
1999Post-synthetic preparation of titanium containing mesopore molecular sieves안화승
2003Rapid sonochemical synthesis spherical-shaped mesoporous SBA-15 silica and Ti-incorporated SBA-15 silica materials안화승
2001Redox-mesoporous molecular sieve as a bifunctional catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of campholenic aldehyde from alpha-pinene안화승
2009Selective oxidation of tetralin over a chromium terephthalate metal organic framework, MIL-101Kim, J.; Bhattacharjee, S.; Jeong, K.E.; Jeong, S.Y .; Ahn, W.S.
2009Selective oxidation of tetralin over a chromium terephthalate metal organic framework, MIL-101안화승
2008Sonochemical synthesis of MOF-5Son, W.J.; Kim, J.; Kim, J.; Ahn, W.S.
2008Sonochemical synthesis of MOF-5안화승
2006Structural Evolution of B-MCM-36 and B-ITQ-2 from B-MCM-22안화승
1999Synthesis and characterization of tantalum silicate molecular sieves with MFI structure안화승
2002Synthesis and electrorheology of mesoporous particle suspensions안화승
2010Synthesis of a sulfonato-salen-nickel(II) complex immobilized in LDH for tetralin oxidation안화승
2009Synthesis of AlPO4-5 and CrAPO-5 using aluminum dross안화승
2008Synthesis of cubic mesoporous silica and carbon using fly ash안화승
2008Synthesis of Hexagonal and Cubic Mesoporous Silica Using Power Plant Bottom Ash for CO2 Adsorption안화승
2009Synthesis of hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphate using Al dross안화승
2010Synthesis of mesoporous silica from bottom ash and its application for CO2 sorption안화승
2009Synthesis of Mesoporous TS-1 for Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization안화승
2008Synthesis of periodic mesoporous organosilica by microwave heating안화승
2003Synthesis of polyaniline-MCM-41 nanocomposite and its electrorheological property안화승
2004Synthesis of Ti containing molecular sieves using a diethoxysiloxane-ethyltitanate polymer안화승