Local Access Journal Papers, Reports(화학 논문, 보고서)56

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Generation of B-Doped Graphene Nanoplatelets Using a Solution Process and Their Supercapacitor Applications박성진
2013Filming the Birth of Molecules and Accompanying Solvent Rearrangement김정호
2013Generation of Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene from Metallocenes Immobilized onto N-Doped Graphene Nanoplatelets박성진
2013알루미나 나노섬유와 분말이 첨가된 에폭시 복합재료의 열전도도 특성 및 파괴인성에 대한 연구박수진
2013Asymmetric 1,4-Michael Addition Reactions Catalyzed by a Cinchona Alkaloid Derived Primary Amine: A Theoretical Investigation of the Reaction Mechanism and Enantioselectivity김찬경; 이해황
2013Pyridinolyses of O-Propyl and O-Isopropyl Phenyl Phosphonochloridothioates in Acetonitrile이해황
2013탄소섬유와 에폭시 기지의 계면강도 증가를 위한 황산/질산 양극산화에 관한 영향박수진
2013Enhanced Near-Band Edge Emission from ZnO Nanorods by V2O5 Coating and Subsequent Thermal Annealing이완인
2013Dual Substituent Effects on Anilinolysis of Bis(aryl) Chlorothiophosphates이해황
2013Effect of Ultrathin Al2O3 Layer on TiO2 Surface in CdS/CdSe Co-Sensitized Quantum Dot Solar Cells이완인
2013Effect of structural change of pitch on the thermal conductivity of epoxy-based composites filled with heat-treated pitch박수진
2013Electrochemical Characterization of a Carbon Nanofiber Electrode System Hybridized with PEDOT-PSS박수진
2013Electrochemical performance of activated carbons/Mn3O4-carbon blacks for supercapacitor electrodes박수진
2013Encapsulation of Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-s-Triazine (RDX) Onto Amino-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica박상언
2013Construction of a Library of Arylpiperazinyl 1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives as Ligands for Dopamine D3/D4 Receptor고훈영
2013무전해 니켈도금된 다중벽 탄소나노튜브의 첨가가 알루미나강화 에폭시 복합재료의 열전도도 및 파괴인성에 미치는 영향박수진
2013Ground Organic Monolith Particles as Chromatographic Separation Media정원조
2013Hydrogen storage behaviors of Ni-doped grapheme oxide/MIL-101 hybrid composites박수진
2013Iron Speciation of Airborne Subway Particles by the Combined Use of Energy Dispersive Electron Probe X-ray Microanalysis and Raman Microspectrometry노철언
2013Inhibition of IκB Kinase β (IKKβ) and Anti-diabetic Effect of SA51조형진