Journal Papers, Report (화학공학 논문, 보고서)37

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Electrochemically polymerized vine-like nanostructured polyaniline on activated carbon nanofibers for supercapacitor심상은; 황성원
2013Adsorption/catalytic properties of MIL-125 and NH2-MIL-125안화승
2013Mesoporous SAPO-34 with amine-grafting for CO2 capture안화승
2013CO2 cycloaddition of styrene oxide over MOF catalysts안화승
2013High yield 1-L scale synthesis of ZIF-8 via a sonochemical route안화승
2013Liquid phase adsorption of selected chloroaromatic compounds over metal organic frameworks안화승
2013Synthesis of metal-organic frameworks: A mini review안화승
2013Ethylenediamine grafting on a zeolite-like metal organic framework (ZMOF) for CO2 capture박동화
2013Oxidation and Reduction of Various Substrates Over a Pd(II) Containing Post-Synthesis Metal Organic Framework진명종
2013Ionic Liquid-Based Dispersive Extraction and Separation of Phenolic Acids from Salicornia Herbacea L노경호
2013Application of 2,4-dinitrofluorobenzene Pre-column Derivatization to Quantitative Determination of Taurine and its Intermediate in Beverages and Milk Samples노경호
2013Adsorption of Alcohol from Water by Poly (ionic liquid)s노경호
2013Evaluation of Molecularly Imprinted Anion-Functionalized Poly(ionic liquid)s by Multi-Phase Dispersive Extraction of Flavonoids from Plant노경호
2013Evaluation of Alcohol-based Deep Eutectic Solvent in Extraction and Determination of Flavonoids with Response Surface Methodology Optimization노경호
2013Dehydration of Ethanol by Facile Synthesized Glucose-Based Silica노경호
2013Combined Application of Ionic Liquid and Hybrid Poly (Ionic Liquid)-Bonded Silica: An Alternative Method for Extraction, Separation and Determination of Flavonoids from Plants노경호
2013Effect of initial precursor concentration on TiO2 thin film nanostructures prepared by PCVD system박동화
2013Preparation of spherical hollow alumina particles by thermal plasma박동화
2013Surface modification of a low cost bentonite for post-combustion CO2 capture안화승
2013Ethylenediamine grafting on a zeolite-like metal organic framework (ZMOF) for CO2 capture안화승