Journal Papers, Reports(화학 논문, 보고서)156

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A study of the volatile organic compound emissions at the stacks of laboratory fume hoods in a university campus이익모
2014Microwave-assisted Knoevenagel condensation in aqueous over triazine-based microporous network박상언
2013TiO2 photocatalyst for water treatment applications박수진
2013Solution-based production of graphene nano-platelets containing extremely low amounts of heteroatoms박성진
2013Solvent-Dependent Molecular Structure of Ionic Species Directly Measured by Ultrafast X-Ray Solution Scattering김정호
2013Structural and electrical properties of radio frequency magnetron sputtered Cu(InxGa1-x)Se2 thin films with additional post-heat treatment이완인
2013Solution-processable conductive micro-hydrogels of nanoparticle/graphene platelets produced by reversible self-assembly and aqueous exfoliation박성진
2013Structure and luminescence properties of thermally nitrided Ga2O3 nanowires이완인
2013Synthesis and anion binding properties of m-diethynylbenzene expanded calix[4]pyrrole조동규
2013Synthesis and ethanol sensing properties of CuO nanorods coated with In2O3이완인
2013A new peptidyl fluorescent chemosensors for the selective detection of mercury ions based on tetrapeptide이건형
2013Comprehensive overview of recent preparation and application trends of various open tubular capillary columns in separation science정원조
2013CO2 adsorption behavior of microwave synthesized zeolite beta박상언
2013Chitosan nanocomposite films: Enhanced electrical sonductivity, thermal stability, and mechanical Properties박수진
2013Characterization of the monthly variation in (1 → 3)-beta-D-glucan concentrations in university laboratories이익모
2013Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of polypropylene to improve the bonding strength of polypropylene/aluminum composites박수진
2013Application of cryomilling to enhance material properties of carbon nanotube reinforced chitosan nanocomposites박수진
2013Annealing-free preparation of anatase TiO2 nanopopcorns on Ti foil via a hydrothermal process and their photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications이완인
2013A ratiometric fluorescent detection of Zn(II) in aqueous solutions using pyrene-appended histidine이건형
2013A dual role of phenylboronic acid as a receptor for carbohydrates as well as a quencher for neighboring pyrene fluorophore이건형; 김정호